How to Make Sex Feel Better for Her: 5 Tips to Try

Did you know that 61% of women in a relationship say that their sex life is pretty good?

Considering that 80% of men feel the same way, there’s no doubt that there’s some catching up to do – and that’s exactly why we wrote today’s article.

If you want to make sure your partner sees her sex life has mind-blowing, and not just “pretty good”, keep reading and discover five simple tips on how to make sex feel better for her!

1. Don’t Rush the Foreplay

Even if you are more than ready to start making love, taking your time with the foreplay will get you both on the same level of arousal, and everything that comes after will be a lot more enjoyable for both.

Plus, it will help you feel more connected to each other.

If you two have been together for a while, there’s a chance that sex has become somewhat of a chore. By fooling around before you get to the action, you get that emotional connection back and you’re able to trust each other a lot more.

2. Explore New Erogenous Zones

If you tend to focus your attention on your partner’s breasts and buttocks, it’s time to broaden your horizons.

Although those are typical erogenous zones, you never really know what gets your partner going if you don’t explore different possibilities.

So, next time, why not sensually touch areas like her ears, inner thighs, shoulders, or feet? Go off her feedback and you’ll get a lot of valuable insights.

3. Use Sex Toys

Nowadays, there are so many different sex toys for her and for both, so why not dive into that world and try out some new things?

Even if you know that sex toys aren’t for you as a couple, paying a visit to a sex shop might still be worth it, as you’ll find plenty of other life-changing products like an enhancement gel or a vaginal cream for tightening.

4. Focus on Pressure and Not on Friction

If you’re a man, you probably enjoy some friction when you’re doing the deed.

Although women can also get aroused by friction, you need to focus on pressure as well, if you want to blow her mind. Let her take the reigns to see how deep you can go, and she’ll reach levels of pleasure like never before.

5. Communicate

Communication is one of the biggest secrets to a healthy relationship, and that’s something you need to consider under the sheets as well.

Ask your partner questions, understand what her fantasies and desires are, and let her know about yours. Trust, knowing instead of just guessing what she likes will take your sex life to a new level.

How to Make Sex Feel Better For Her: Now You Know

Now that you know five essential tips on how to make sex feel better for her, it’s time to start planning your next date and surprise with the best night of her life!

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