How to Enhance Your Yoga Experience in 5 Simple Ways

An estimated 20 million Americans are now doing yoga at home or in a studio, and many more are expected to incorporate yoga into their wellness routine in the coming years.

One of the many appealing things about yoga is that there’s always room for improvement, whether you’re new or experienced.

The question is, what can everyone focus on to improve their yoga experience? What steps can you take, no matter your skill level, to deepen your yoga practice?

Read on for 5 tips to enhance your yoga experience each and every day.

1. Bring Your Awareness Back to the Breath

Sometimes we get so caught up in our flexibility and the challenging poses we want to master that we forget about the biggest goal of yoga: to yoke.

What does that mean? Yoga is all about harmonizing the mind and the body, and breathwork creates the bridge between the two. When your mind wanders or your body begins to feel unsteady, return to your breath to find that mental and physical balance.

2. Locate Your Drishti

There’s no part of the mind or body that isn’t involved in a solid yoga practice. Don’t forget that Drishti is nearly as important as breathwork.

What is Drishti? Drishti refers to your gaze, the place where you allow your eyes to rest while you clear your mind. If your gaze is wandering around the room, your mind is probably wandering, too.

3. Clear the Mind Before Beginning Your Yoga Experience

We have a tendency to rush through life. As a result, we may not get enough sleep, we may eat too fast, and we may speed through our yoga practice. If you’re not giving yourself enough time, you’re probably not reaping all of the rewards your yoga practice should provide.

How can you learn to take your time? Spend a few minutes sitting quietly or meditating before you begin your yoga practice. Allow the day’s stressors to melt away, first.

4. Turn Up the Heat

Turning up the heat when you practice yoga can help loosen your muscles, deepen your relaxation, and encourage the shedding of toxins through the skin. Incorporate infrared sauna tents into your yoga practice to double the benefits you receive from your regular practice. (Remember that practicing yoga in a sauna requires practice and preparedness; always honor your own limits.)

5. Stay Hydrated

Our bodies need water to stay energized and limber and to heal under stress or strain. Even if you practice low-impact yoga and rarely break a sweat, make sure that you’re hydrating well. We should be drinking 12-16 cups of water per day!

Get More Out of Your Yoga Routine

No matter how far along you are in your yoga practice, there are always ways to improve or enhance your yoga experience. Follow our five yoga tips and get more out of your mat time.

Looking for more ways to improve your day-to-day? Take a look at our lifestyle section and see what else we’ve got cooking for you! 

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