How to Design a High-Intensity Workout

Have you ever thought about how to design a high-intensity workout? The answer is probably no because you’re spending more time working out than planning what to actually do.

Don’t just put your trust in running on a treadmill or lifting weights. But instead, look at designing a workout program that’s actually tailored to your needs.

If you want to know more about creating a high-intensity workout plan, then this article is for you! Let’s get started!

Identifying Intensity Goals

When designing a high-intensity workout, it is vital to identify intensity goals. A high-intensity workout has the primary goal of requiring you to work as hard as possible through a set time period.

This means that you must identify an intensity level that you are comfortable with and that allows you to give it your all. Intensity goals may be established through personal goals or by measuring heart rate and power output.

Crafting Different Levels of Exertion

For high-intensity workouts, it’s important that you’re using a variety of exercises and intensities. This can result in improvement in a long time. During the workout, there need to be multiple levels of intensity and effort as well as rest periods.

This will allow the body to effectively engage in strenuous exercise. This can provide the necessary recovery to prevent fatigue and burnout.

It will also help to ensure that the body is safely transitioning from one exercise to the next. It will work your muscles to an adequate level for a successful workout.

Planning Interval Training

This type of training involves alternating between periods of intense activity, and less intense activity. The idea is to perform more intense activities during a shorter period to help improve heart rate and aerobic capacity.

Planning Interval Training can be tailored to the individual’s fitness level and the desired outcome. For those looking for a physical challenge and endurance increase, it is recommended to include a longer period of intense work.

To ensure optimal performance, it is important to begin interval training with a warm-up to get the body moving and increase heart rate. After the main session of the workout, it is important to include a cool-down to help return the body to its resting state and to help decrease lactic acid build-up. 

Selecting Strength Components

When selecting strength components to design a high-intensity workout, it is important to consider the individual’s fitness level and assess what exercises will work best for them. A well-rounded program should include a combination of:

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Squatting
  • Hinging movements

Exercises should also involve both single- and multi-joint motions. To increase the intensity, consider:

  • Adding resistance bands
  • Variations of the same exercise
  • Super-setting different movements
  • Pairing a strength exercise with cardio exercises

Cardio intervals can also be included for advanced exercisers. Finally, it is important to provide modifications for less experienced members of the group and prioritize form, technique, and safety for each participant.

To balance these components and have a safe, effective, and productive workout, visit this CrossFit gym today and open yourself up to improved performance and better health!

Learn More About High-Intensity Workouts Today

Designing a high-intensity workout should involve researching different exercises and training plans to best suit your goals. Aim for a workout that is challenging and efficient while still providing enough rest and recovery to prevent injury.

Try it out and challenge yourself to become the best version of yourself!

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