How to Choose the Right Aged Care Facility

Are you looking for a care home for an elderly loved one?

If so, you are probably considering all the options that are available. You want the right type of care facility and location. You’ll want the right services, people, location, and food. Even more so than when you were looking for a care home for yourself.

You’ll want to make sure you are choosing the right aged care facility. You don’t want to settle on a substandard one just because it exists. You’ll want to know how to choose a good aged care home.

Here’s what you should know when looking at a senior living community or aged care facility.

Assess Selection Criteria

Research the facilities that offer the best fit for the individual. They should include reviews, healthcare ratings, and available amenities. Consider the individual’s specific healthcare requirements such as physical, medical, spiritual, dietary needs, and memory care.

It is also important to review the aged care facility, the length of stay, and how the facility may help with transitioning from home. Factors to consider are the proximity of the facility from home, the type of environment, the physical size of the facility, visits from family and friends, as well as their commitment to meeting the social and emotional needs of their patients. 

Consider Quality of Care

The facility should be clean and home-like, with reasonably maintained and safe premises. The staff should be caring and competent, and staff members should have the necessary qualifications and training. The facility should provide high-quality care, paying attention to the individual needs and preferences of every resident.

Residents should receive comprehensive services in a safe and secure environment, free from abuse and neglect. The staff should also provide a tailored care plan which accommodates the individual, and their family members should be consulted for changes to the plan if necessary.

Compare Location and Amenities

It is important to compare location and amenities in order to make the best decision. Location impacts things such as access to senior community activities, public transport, and available healthcare providers. Weigh up whether you want the facility close to family and friends or further away in a quieter area.

Amenities to look out for include:

  • the size of the individual
  • shared spaces
  • exercise equipment and programs
  • access to healthcare professionals
  • meals provided
  • technology support/access
  • recreational activities
  • spiritual/cultural services

Analyzing these factors will help ensure that the right aged care facility is chosen that aligns with both the needs and wants of the resident.

Understand Financial Implications

Consider any additional services that may be required and their cost. You should also review the payment conditions, such as how often payments are expected.

Ensure you understand the full cost of any consumer contributions and their impact on your finances, as well as any potential tax deductions available. Review any additional fees that may be associated with the facility or services you choose. 

Choose the Right Aged Care Facility For Your Love Ones

Choosing an aged care facility for your loved one isn’t easy, but it is an important decision. Make sure to research facilities thoroughly, ask questions and obtain advice from professionals. Take the time to visit the facility before confirming your decision. By utilizing these tips you will be able to find the right aged care facility for your loved one. Take action today and find the best aged care facility for your needs!

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