Finding Love Online: 7 Tips for Dating in the Digital Age

More couples than ever before are meeting online—39% to be exact, according to a 2017 Stanford University study. This demonstrates a 17% increase since the year 2009.

Dating in the digital age is age is fun, albeit daunting at times. It opens up a whole world of opportunities and people who you may not have come across organically. 

After you read these 7 tips, you’ll be so well-versed in digital dating that it’s only a matter of time before you find love online. So let’s get started. 

1. It’s the Digital Age, and Photos Are Important

Let’s take a step back for a moment and consider online dating from a broader perspective. When we meet potential suitors in person—maybe we see someone attractive at a bar or think a coworker is cute—one of the first things we naturally notice about them is how they look. The same applies vice versa.

Meeting online has that same basic characteristic. The difference is that instead of noticing each other in person, the first thing we see is a picture. 

So don’t hold back when choosing photos for your dating profile. Make sure they represent who you are and show off your beauty as you deserve. Avoid Snapchat filters that cover your face, sunglasses, and posing with a group of people who will make it hard to identify you.

2. Adding Information and Conversing

Before you input information into your digital profile and start having conversations with people, take a minute to identify your best qualities and most important values, and consider what you are looking for in a partner. It is also important to have an idea of what you want to get out of a relationship (though keeping an open mind to some extent is essential!). Maybe you are looking for a long-term commitment, or maybe you’re not quite there yet.

Be honest in your profile and conversations. There’s nothing worse than having to keep track of white lies—not to mention it’s a recipe for disaster later on. If someone doesn’t have the same values or important qualities as you, it’s best to find that out early and move on before you’re in too deep. 

3. Choose the Right Way to Mingle

There are a lot of dating websites and apps out there, and it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry though because different resources are good for different things. All you need to do is identify what you are looking for, and choose a site based on that. Here’s a sampling of digital dating tips when it comes to dating apps:


Tinder is easy to set up and use. You can swipe wherever and whenever and easily converse with people. Because it is so widely used, however, there will inevitably be people to weed out. To find success on Tinder, be open and honest with your matches, and don’t be afraid to reject people whose values don’t align with yours.


Bumble puts women in control. Those who identify as women are the only ones who can initiate conversations. This eliminates a lot of the trolls you might encounter on more general dating apps like Tinder. In addition, if a conversation goes unanswered for 24 hours, the match is eliminated, which helps speed up the dating process.  


OkCupid allows for a wide range of sexual preferences and gender identities, making it one of the most inclusive sites out there. It also uses personality information as well as pictures for matching, making it a bit more thorough than other apps. Though more time consuming to create a profile, you are likely to find matches that are more in line with your goals than you will on other sites.  

4. Embrace That Nothing-To-Lose Attitude

Your attitude can be a gamechanger when it comes to dating in the digital age. You will be allowed to meet people from outside of your circle who come from different backgrounds and cultures. Embrace it with an open mind. 

Give people who are different from you a chance. Maybe there’s something out there that you didn’t know existed. There’s no harm in getting a quick coffee with a new person. In the worst-case scenario, it doesn’t work out—you still learned something about yourself whether it be a quality you don’t like or something to look for in a partner in the future. 

5. Be Safe, and Remember That You Are in Control

When communicating through a screen, there is an inherent level of safety. However, you can’t keep the conversation digital forever. Don’t be intimidated though because there are ways to keep safe even when sitting across the table from a stranger.

  • Decide on where and when to meet to ensure that you go somewhere where you feel comfortable
  • Tell a friend where you will be and with whom; you can even drop a pin so you’re easily traceable
  • Don’t provide personal information (such as your address or where you work) until you have gotten to know the person well

6. Do What Feels Right

There are so many “rules” and norms when it comes to dating: Don’t seem too eager, don’t call the day after a date, and the list goes on. 

Toss these ideas to the curb, and do what feels right to you. If you’re having a good conversation with someone on a dating app, ask them out. If you go on a date and have a good time, text them the next day to let them know.

7. Value Yourself 

If someone stops texting back, cut them off. If they are wishy-washy about hanging out, they’re not for you. Take it as a simple sign to not waste your time trying to get something out of them, and start investing your value in something more worthwhile.

Know your worth, respect it, and move on. There are so many more fish in the digital dating sea. Letting go is often a blessing in disguise because it opens the door to someone who will value and treat you as you deserve. 

Now It’s Time to Find Love Online

There are so many opportunities to find love in the digital age. All it takes is an open mind, an open heart, and a little bit of swiping.

Now it’s time to jump right in and put these 7 tips to good use. Browse our blog for more dating advice!

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