Couples’ Counseling in NYC: 5 Questions You Should Prepare For

Did you know that a lack of communication is the most common problem couples face?

Whether you and your partner aren’t seeing eye to eye, you’re dealing with infidelity, or your sex life is fizzling, there are plenty of reasons why you might be doubting if your relationship can survive. The good news is that modern forms of couples therapy can be quite effective at breathing new life into your partnership.

Are you a bit stressed trying to figure out where to find couples’ counseling in NYC and what you should expect for your first appointment? Keep reading to learn about 5 questions you should consider before you get couple’s counseling.

1. Why Are You Getting NYC Couples Counseling?

If it’s your first time getting couple’s counseling in New York, your therapist will want to get to the root of your problems right away. This involves allowing yourselves to be vulnerable and open.

Some couples can agree that they have one or two main issues to work on, but some individuals feel like they see completely different problems. If this is the case, both parties need to explain their perspective so the therapist can help you come to a mutual understanding.

2. Do Both Partners Feel Loved Enough Each Day?

If you’re getting the best New York City couples’ counseling with professionals like Robin Bryant, Ph.D., then you’ll be able to identify if you and your partner are giving and receiving love in effective ways. It’s common for two partners to have different love languages, which means their way of showing affection may not be as meaningful to the other.

Once you learn more about what makes both people feel the most loved, your therapist can give you tools to start strengthening your bond.

3. Are You Satisfied With Your Sex Life?

Sex can be the hardest topic to discuss in counseling if you’re shy. However, all kinds of relationship problems can manifest in negative ways in the bedroom. Since sex is one of the most powerful ways couples can connect, it’s important to spend some time reflecting on how things could get better.

4. Where Do You See Yourselves in 10 Years? 20?

Do you and your partner share the same goals? Can you picture a future without them?

Thinking about where you’ll be in 10 or 20 years can be challenging and even a bit scary, but being in a relationship also means being on the same team. Your counselor will help you build a strong foundation that can give you confidence for your future together.

5. What Do You Want From Couples Counseling in NY?

Do you and your partner have similar or different goals when it comes to couples counseling? When you share your desires with your partner and counselor, all of you can work toward accomplishing those goals in a healthy way. In addition, your counselor will know to spend more time focusing on your problem areas instead of covering topics that you and your partner have no issues with.

Couples’ Counseling in NYC Can Make a Big Difference

Getting couples’ counseling in NYC can feel intimidating at first, but figuring out what to expect can make your first appointment more productive and comfortable.

If you’re passionate about improving your relationship, then our blog has plenty more articles that can help. Check out our other tips on how you can bring the most love and joy into your life.

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