Conquer the Waters: 5 Kayaking Tips for Rookies

Nothing can beat the glorious feeling and rush you get from gliding down a tranquil river.

In fact, kayaking is a popular activity, either kayak fishing or exercise. You can lose 82 kgs at a pace of 6 miles per hour. It’s good recreation and exercise at the same time!

Yet despite its popularity, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being a beginner learning the ropes. Have no fear: we’ve created this simple guide that will help you on your journey to conquering the waters.

Read the kayaking tips below.

1. Use Proper Clothing

It is important to know the proper clothing essentials for any kayak trip. For instance, for a beginner kayaker, a short wet suit is recommended for cold water protection, as well as a dry suit for more extreme situations.

For a long-distance trip, good footwear, such as kayaking shoes or a boot, should be worn. If you are in the market for some clothing or kayaks, check out some of the inflatable kayaks for sale today. There are so many types of inflatable kayaks to choose from.

2. Check All Equipment

Checking all equipment before heading onto the water is important to avoid accidents. Before entering the water, take a few minutes to inspect the kayak to make sure everything is firmly placed and secured.

Check the padding of the kayak to see if it is comfortable and if all the footrests, backrests, and side rests are in place. You will also need to check the hatch covers, flaps, and handles that are attached to the kayak.

Test out the oars, floatation devices, and safety gear, like life vests, helmets, or other Kayak safety tools you need.

3. Understanding the Basics of Paddling

Understanding the basics of paddling is key to getting the most out of each journey. Before hitting the waters, get a sense of the type of kayak being used and the correct paddling form. Knowing which capacity and type of kayak works best for your weight and desired direction can make for smoother paddling.

Next, make sure the kayak is properly adjusted to fit the paddler- ensuring comfort and the ability to paddle efficiently.

4. Know the Local Terrain and Conditions

Knowing the local terrain and conditions is essential for a successful kayaking experience. You must study the weather and forecast for specific areas before embarking on a kayaking journey. When the weather is warm but the water is cold, a wetsuit is a sensible solution.

Understanding the current directions, velocity, and wave size by studying the shoreline, coastlines, and landmarks will give a better understanding of the tides and water levels.

5. Go With a Buddy

Having an experienced companion along gives you the confidence and safety of knowing that if you need help is right there. Before starting on the water, ensure you are both well-equipped and prepared for the journey and that you understand and follow proper safety protocol.

Exchange contact information just in case anything goes awry. Be sure also to stay close enough so that each of you can provide help when necessary.

Consider These Kayaking Tips

Kayaking is a great hobby and can provide an exciting experience. By using proper clothing and equipment and understanding the paddling basics, you can ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience every time. Remember to know the local terrain and conditions, and go with a buddy!

Conquer the waters and start your kayaking journey today using these kayaking tips!

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