Cannabis Candy Recipe: How To Make Cannabis Candy

Did you know that 18% of Americans use marijuana?

Cannabis enthusiasts have been eating marijuana since the earliest days of the plant. Pieces of edibles would fall off of a bunch to be accidentally devoured by unsuspecting humans over the millennia.

As the use of marijuana has become more popular publicly, the culinary world has caught up with us. Is there a cannabis candy recipe you’re looking for?

Read on to see everything that’s available in this cannabis candy guide.

Start With High-Quality Cannabis

Others may wonder what is cannabis candy. Cannabis candy is a great way to enjoy your favorite herb while getting a sugar rush at the same time. Following a cannabis candy recipe is easy, but it is important to start with high-quality cannabis.

The better the quality of cannabis and its solutions you use, the better your OTC candy will taste.  

Choose Your Favorite Candy Recipe

If you love eating cannabis candy, then you’ll love this cannabis candy recipe! This recipe is for those 21 and over.

You will need 1 cup of cannabutter, 1 cup of granulated sugar, 1/2 cup of light corn syrup, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, food coloring, and your favorite candy molds.

To make the candy, start by heating the cannabutter, sugar, corn syrup, and vanilla extract in a saucepan over medium heat. Once the mixture is melted and combined, remove it from the heat and stir in a few drops of food coloring. 

Infuse the Cannabis Into the Candy

Infuse the cannabis into the candy. The most important thing to remember when making cannabis candy is to be careful not to overdo it with cannabis. Too much cannabis can result in an unpleasant experience.

Start with a small amount of cannabis and increase it until you find the right balance for yourself.

Allow the Candy to Cool Completely

Cannabis candy is a treat that people of all ages can enjoy. It’s easy to make and can be a fun activity to do with friends or family. It is necessary to allow the candy to cool completely before enjoying it.

This will ensure that the candy is properly infused and will be safe to eat.

Safety Tips for Making Cannabis Candy

It is essential to use a low temperature. This will prevent the THC from evaporating and becoming too potent. It is also important to be precise with measurements. Too much or too little cannabis can result in an undesired experience.

It is also significant to be aware of the time it takes for the candy to take effect. Cannabis candy can take up to an hour to kick in, so be patient. Start with a small piece and wait at least an hour before consuming more.

Tips for Cannabis Candy Recipe

Overall, cannabis candy is a delicious and easy way to enjoy cannabis. Making your own cannabis candy is simple and only requires a few ingredients.

Be sure to follow the cannabis candy recipe carefully and enjoy your homemade cannabis candy responsibly. And don’t forget the safety tips for making cannabis candy.

If you’re interested in learning more tips, then check out our blog. 

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