Can You Smoke CBD Oil? The Definitive Guide

CBD products have taken the world by storm. 

There have been various researches on the benefits of CBD oil. From helping with anxiety to pain management, and even better sleep, the use cases for CBD oil have increased in recent years. With these benefits continuing to grow, people wonder what the best way to consume CBD oil is. 

There are various options when it comes to CBD oil products. You can access balms, oils, and even vaporizers. However, most individuals wonder if CBD can be smoked. Can you smoke CBD oil? Here is a guide to answering the most common questions about smoking CBD. 

Can You Smoke CBD Oil?

Yes, you can smoke CBD oil. In fact, it is one of the best ways to receive the benefits of CBD. Unlike balms, lotions, or other oils that have a waiting period to soak into the skin, smoking CBD oil expedites the process and allows for quicker relief. 

Additionally, you can smoke CBD oil in various ways. There is a wide array of CBD products that users can use to smoke. For example, you can use an “oil rig” that helps heat the CBD oil and allow for it to be smoked. Oil rigs are similar to traditional water pumps

You can also use the dabbing process that releases a higher concentration of CBD oil. There are also hemp cigarettes that can be rolled up and then lit. Hemp cigarettes have a higher level of CBD than THC, so you have peace of mind that you will only experience the soothing benefits of CBD oil. 

Can Smoking CBD Oil Get You High? 

There is sometimes a concern that CBD oil can get you high like marijuana. Though they are different combinations of THC and CBD, CBD oil alone cannot get you high. Both THC and CBD are derived from cannabis, so they share the same plant. 

However, while THC can be used as a hallucinogen, CBD is purely an anti-inflammatory agent that can ease pain and allow for calmness. When you consume CBD, you should not feel out of body or drastically different, if anything, you should feel calmer and more clear-headed. 

Is Smoking CBD Better Than Using Balms or Oils?

This obviously comes down to personal preference, but if you want more potency and a quicker bodily response to  CBD oil, then smoking may be more beneficial to you.  Since smoking CBD oil allows you to consume it directly and allow for faster relief. For a similar feel, you can also vaporize CBD oil. 

Vaporizing in the form of a pen or cartridge is still pretty new, so there is much research to be done regarding benefits. So at this point, smoking CBD oil is more well-researched and documented to have benefits for the user. 

CBD Oil and You

Can you smoke CBD oil? Yes! 

There is also a wide array of benefits to smoking CBD oil. Depending on your personal needs, it is also best to do research on what is right for you. Check out our blog for more information on health and wellness. 


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