Can You Get In Trouble for a Fake Diploma

Are you thinking about going the fake diploma route, or maybe you got one already, but you don’t know if you’ll get in trouble for it?

Well, in the current job market, getting this diploma may seem like a smart move. Insurance companies often dole out certain degrees to get higher insurance rates in certain industries.

But in many cases, you can get in some trouble if they find out it’s a fake diploma. 

Let’s go over this in more detail below.

Employment Consequences

In many countries, it is considered fraud and a criminal offense to use a forged document. Employers often suffer serious consequences for hiring someone with a replacement diploma, such as lost time and money if the employee is unqualified. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, using a fake diploma also violates the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act.

In some cases, employers may face civil and criminal liability if they knowingly or unknowingly hire someone with a fake diploma. This is why it is important to always verify potential employees’ certificates and other qualifications with official sources. If an employer provides an honest and genuine job candidate with a false diploma, legal action may be taken against them if the history of the employee’s educational credentials is proven false.

Legal Actions

Yes, you can get in trouble for using a fake diploma. This is because it is considered an offense involving fraud and misrepresentation, which can be subject to criminal legal action. Depending on the circumstances, it may result in significant fines or even imprisonment.

Sometimes, simply possessing or using a fake diploma may also be treated as a crime. In extreme cases, falsifying educational or professional accomplishments can even lead to charges of identity theft.

Professional Consequences

Depending on the circumstances, it can result in various professional consequences. For example, those with a fake diploma may be ineligible for certain job positions and have their reputation damaged in the professional field and/or the academic field. In extreme cases, their job or academic opportunities may be taken away altogether.

There may be legal implications related to fraud or misrepresentation, such as fines or jail time. If falsifying a diploma is done with the intention of false advertising or scamming, the consequences could be even harsher. Take the time to get the proper fake college diploma and credentials to stand out above the rest!

Reputational Damage

Not only can you be charged with fraud, forgery, and perjury, but you can also suffer serious reputational damage. Employers are increasingly checking credentials to make sure any qualifications are real. If a potential employer discovers that a diploma is fake, it will be bad for your professional reputation and will limit future career opportunities.

It can also impact personal relationships, as your integrity and honesty are called into question. Fake diplomas are not only dangerous for the person who lies but also for the organization or institution whose credentials have been appropriated. Such actions may lead to a potential lawsuit and reputational damage. 

The Bottom Line: Consequences of Using a Fake Diploma

It is important to remember that having a fake diploma and attempting to obtain a false certification can carry serious legal repercussions, including imprisonment. However, when done in good faith, such as getting one for yourself as your original diploma got lost, you are safe for reference checking.

With that in mind, check legitimate resources and providers for diploma replacements online, and be safe!

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