Are Metal Roofs Good for Homes in Florida?

For the longest time, asphalt shingles have been the way to go and for good reason – asphalt shingles are cost-effective, easy to install, and last pretty long. However, more people are considering another material for roofing: metal.

In fact, metal roofs are currently quite popular with new homeowners and even people redoing their roofs. Especially in relatively tropical climates like Florida, there are many reasons why metal roofs or metal panel systems should be considered.

Are Metal Roofs Good for Homes in Florida?

In a country that mostly enjoys the temperate cycle of the seasons, Florida is unique due to its geographical location on the planet. Nearer to the equator, Florida experiences a relatively more tropical climate and thus experiences different weather conditions and climates compared to the majority of the US.

This is why it is important to consider how roofing materials will hold up in such a place. Fortunately, here are some reasons why metal roofs are good for Florida.

Metal is a Strong Material

The landmass of Florida sticks out from a continent and is thus considered a peninsula. Specifically, the state is flanked by large bodies of water on both sides: the Gulf of Mexico to its west and the North Atlantic Ocean to its east. This placement makes Florida quite vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and the state even has a long history of hurricanes.

Due to this vulnerability, it is important to consider the strength of the roofing material and no material signifies strength more than metal.

Metal has always been associated with strength and durability as it is the material that has paved the way for the Industrial Revolution and allowed skyscrapers to reach the skies.

Especially compared to asphalt shingles, metal roofs are significantly stronger as they can perform well in very harsh weather conditions such as hail and strong winds. Metal is such a strong material that insurance companies even offer discounts for structures with metal roofs.

Not only is metal a strong material but it is an easy material to work with. The amount of energy to produce and install these metal panels are significantly less and they are incredibly easy to work with for roofs with obscure shapes. Since metal is highly ductile and malleable, it makes for an easy job when having to shape the metal panels appropriately for a roof job.

Easy to Install Solar Panels on

It comes to no surprise that the people living in the Sunshine State have been slowly considering the benefits of installing solar panels in their homes. The state has been encouraging the public towards solar energy by providing them tax rebates. Although the capital investment may seem steep at first, people can eventually regain their investment as they save on their electric bills down the road.

Logically, a great place to install solar panels would be on the roofs and luckily, these solar panels are easier to install when metal roofing is involved. Of course, it’s easy to imagine how much easier it would be to install these expensive panels on large flat metal surfaces compared to staggered shingle roofs.

Another great reason why solar panels work well with metal roofing is that since solar panels are considered to last a pretty long time, it would be better if the surface they are installed on are long-lived as well. Fortunately, metal roofs are highly durable as mentioned above and they are known to stand the test of time.

Highly Sustainable

According to the WalletHubs most Environmentally Green State study list, Florida supposedly ranks low in environmental consciousness. While that may be true now, that doesn’t mean that cannot change. Especially since Florida is a state that is vulnerable to the natural elements beside the great North Atlantic Ocean, it would greatly benefit them to turn over a new leaf and begin becoming a greener state.

One way to leave a better impact on the environment is to use highly sustainable materials such as metal. Metal roofs are considered to be highly sustainable as most of the metal used for metal roof panels are sustainably sourced and recycled. They can be used as a roofing material and once the panels are in need of some changing after several decades, they can still be recycled even then.

Another reason why metal roofs are better for the environment is how energy efficient they can be. Asphalt shingles are known to absorb a good amount of heat. On the other hand, a lot of heat can be reflected back to the atmosphere by the highly reflective surfaces of the metal roofs.

Since a significant amount of heat can be reflected away from the home, this means less energy would be needed to cool the inside of the house. This would not only make for a greener choice but it can even help save money as well.


There are different types of roofing material to choose from and they all have pros and cons among them. However, metal roofs might be a little more advantageous when it comes to roofing material to Florida specifically. Due to the stated reasons above and many more, metal roofs are great investments that will truly be worth the consideration.

If you don’t have a metal roof right now, then there really is no reason to head to the nearest home depot and begin a project. However, if you are preparing to make a new roof or looking into replacing an old roof with something new, then perhaps a metal roof is the one for you.

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