A Guide to the Different Types of Certificates for Professionals

Pursuing professional certifications is an ambitious move for your career. They will help you grow your skills and become more marketable. Nearly 43 million workers in the United States hold professional certifications, and you can join their ranks to advance your career.

Thanks to your career development, you’ll discover new job opportunities that are open to you. Understanding the types of certificates to is the first step toward identifying the certification programs you should apply for. The best certifications will bolster your resume and help you stand out from the pack when applying for new career opportunities.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this helpful guide to the best types of certificates to pursue and the requirements for each. Continue reading to put your career first and grow your ambitions today!

Project Management

Project management is a typical career that requires a professional certification. It’s a position that is gaining popularity in the business world. A Certified Associate in Project Management will open new jobs to you so you can make more money and start climbing the corporate ladder.

You’ll need a high school diploma and pass a 150-question test to earn your certificate. It’s also vital to complete 1,500 hours of project experience or 23 hours of project management classes. Expect to pay a fee of a few hundred dollars to earn your certificate and move toward career advancement.

Business Analyst

A business analyst certification is another option worth considering if you want to work in the business industry. Signing up for lean six sigma training is a terrific way to find new job opportunities since you’ll know how to improve productivity and efficiency.

Business analysts learn to use technology and data to identify strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to provide decision-makers with crucial information to make informed decisions. Consider one of the types of certifications for business analysts if you want to invest in career development.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the way of the future for several industries. Learning and mastering this form of marketing will allow you to find more job opportunities and build a career. Google’s digital marketing certification is affordable and helps you gain new knowledge to help your company improve its marketing strategy.

You’ll learn the foundations of digital marketing and the most effective ways to engage with your audience. This course is also perfect for learning how to assess marketing metrics. You can complete this certification in six months and apply for new job opportunities after.


Computer programming languages are essential for creating websites and software that boost business productivity. A coding language is a valuable skill to have in today’s job market. You can further your skills in software development.

Your new certification will help you identify and troubleshoot coding issues. Java SE and Java EE are the two best options to earn a Java certification. Oracle is a helpful source for signing up for these courses and honing your programming skills.

Healthcare Quality

Healthcare professionals are also perfect candidates to earn professional certifications. These courses aim to master quality patient care and ensure the best experience possible. You’ll also learn to monitor medical data and abide by HIPAA regulations.

Earning a healthcare quality certification starts by enrolling in the required courses. Look for courses built around planning and organizing healthcare quality. You’ll earn your certificate when you pass the written exam.

Supply Chain

Look no further than the COVID-19 pandemic to see how crucial the supply chain is to daily life. Supply chain managers are in high demand. You can throw your hat in the ring by earning a supply chain certification.

You’ll gain more credibility within your field and find opportunities for career advancement. The CPIM is your best option for certification programs. You’re required to pass two exams in three years.

Each exam costs between $500 and $700 to take. Those costs should provide plenty of motivation to earn your professional certification. After five years, you’ll renew your certificate to stay certified in your field.

Skilled Trade

The most common way to get professional certifications is through learning a skilled trade. You’ll earn more money when you earn your professional certification. Find work as an HVAC technician, electrician, or carpenter to pursue certification programs.

The process of becoming a journeyman in your trade requires passing an exam. You’ll need three to five years of experience with your trade through your company or union. It’s also necessary to earn a degree or certificate of trade from a school or community college.

The next step involves paying a fee to take the written test. Upon passing the test, you’ll earn your professional certification. It’s the best route to higher pay and better job opportunities.

Human Resources

Human resource employees are also eligible to earn different types of certifications. The Professional in Human Resources certification will make you more appealing to recruiters. You’ll qualify for your certification with four years of experience in an HR role.

You can also qualify with two years of experience and a bachelor’s degree. It’s an effective way to get ahead in your HR career.


Accounting is a trade that rewards you for pursuing certification programs. The most common accounting certification is the Certified Public Accountant. You’ll find plenty of job flexibility after earning your professional certification.

You can prepare taxes or find work with a large corporation. Get a CPA by earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting. You must pass all four parts of the CPA exam and meet your state’s education requirements.

Earn These Types of Certificates Today

Earning the different types of certificates is crucial for higher pay and gaining access to better job opportunities. Getting professional certifications for trades or accounting is essential for your career development and credibility. You can also obtain certification as a code writer to enjoy work flexibility and job security.

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