A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Facials

Did you know that 2.73 million Americans undergo skin treatments at least four times in a six-month period? People seem to be taking skincare quite seriously.

Facials are among the more popular and relaxing skin care options. However, there are many different types of facials, all of which have different benefits for your skin. If you’re going to start getting facials regularly, you should learn about some of your options.

Read on for your guide on different types of facials to learn which one is best for your skin.

1. Classic Facial (or European Facial)

Here we have the most basic type of facial you can get. This skincare routine involves steaming your face to simplify the exfoliation process. You’ll also enjoy a nice face massage followed by a nice blend of masks, moisturizers, and serums.

The classic facial will clear out your pores, remove all impurities, even out your skin tone, and give your face a radiant look.

2. Acne Reduction Facial

Those who suffer from oily skin and are prone to acne will love this facial. This facial involves heavy exfoliation to remove the dirt and oils that cause outbreaks.

If you suffer from embarrassing acne, consider getting this facial. But consult your physician before doing so, as acne reduction facials often involve acid treatment that can harm sensitive skin.

3. Fruit Facial

As the name suggests, fruit facials involve placing fruit products on your face. Different fruits have different benefits for the skin. Bananas are great for reducing lines, pomegranates increase the glow of your skin, and papaya and egg white can tighten the skin.

4. Aromatherapy Facial

This facial involves a gentle scrub for cleansing followed by a mask of essential oils. This is a soothing experience for the skin, and the aromatherapy aspect makes for a relaxing experience with excellent psychological benefits.

5. Antioxidant Facial

This gentle facial is excellent for giving your skin a glowing and youthful look. The facial is rich with vitamins and involves the use of creams and masks made with beta carotene. This gentle facial will give your skin a smooth look and feel.

6. LED Facial

This non-invasive option uses different wavelengths of light to treat different skin issues. Blue light has shown promise in treating inflammation and fighting acne. Red light has also proven useful in promoting rejuvenation and collagen growth.

There are hundreds of other facials, and one of them is bound to be useful for your skin type. Click to read more on facials and how often you should get them.

Now You Know the Different Types of Facials

You now know about a few different types of facials, all of which can be excellent additions to your self-care routine. Continue to do your research, take care of your skin, and have a relaxing experience while doing so.

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