7 Common Reasons To Hire a Divorce Attorney

Few experiences bring more grief than divorce. Separation from your spouse might feel like a no-brainer, but you’ll likely feel the impact for years after your divorce gets finalized.

Think carefully before moving forward with the divorce filing. If you need additional help, it might be a good idea to hire a divorce attorney to avoid any setbacks.

Here are 7 common reasons to get a divorce attorney on your side early.

1. Get Your Priorities in Check

A divorce attorney can help you prepare for the splitting of property. You don’t naturally think of ways to begin separating things like finances when you’ve gotten into a routine with your spouse.

But once you and your attorney meet, you’ll see your living situation with new eyes. Your divorce attorney will have you make a list of priorities for the separation.

What do you want to keep? What can your spouse have? What custody arrangement do you prefer?

These are all complicated questions that’ll get you thinking ahead about how to proceed even if you aren’t ready to officially file for divorce. 

2. Ensure Custody

Custody issues can quickly escalate. The divorce attorney can easily prepare you for the process.

Expect a good divorce attorney to coach you through the process of presenting your case. A spouse’s unreasonable request for full custody would set you off in a home environment.

But when you learn that your anger might actually be used against you in court, you’ll think twice about trying to argue your case at home. Bring all your grievances to your divorce attorney about your spouse’s behavior.

The attorney can help you appear as a fit parent to negate any of your spouse’s claims. This is important in how you set up a separate living space when you move out of your home. 

3. More Knowledge

A divorce attorney is ideal if all you need to hear about is the best and worst-case scenarios. An experienced attorney has many past clients to draw from to advise you on a range of scenarios.

You can fantasize about these scenarios on your own, but you won’t have the level of detail an attorney can give you. They can predict what’ll happen when you make certain mistakes, how it’ll likely affect the kids, whether or not in-laws might be a problem and so forth.

Let an attorney offer expertise beyond just legal facts and figures. 

4. Protect the Children

Children often get caught in the middle of spouses during a divorce. When couples try and fail to work things out, the child continues to see the anger and resentment brewing in the home.

Hiring a divorce attorney protects the children emotionally. You having information can bring feelings of security about your future.

Fear is a leading cause of fights between couples. If you have no reason to fear your outcome, you can still act respectfully towards your spouse throughout the divorce proceedings. 

5. Avoid Manipulation

Divorce attorneys have seen it all before. Your spouse can’t come to them with any weird arrangements or promises they won’t see through.

Having an attorney on your side helps you avoid the temptation of staying with a manipulative spouse. This is especially helpful when the manipulation causes harm to you, your children, or your finances. 

A cheating spouse can plead and plead for second chances which will sound tempting but just to a prolonged failure. If you think your spouse is manipulating you get away immediately.

Call your divorce attorney and be clear about what you’re hoping to get from the situation. The divorce attorney can’t force you to ignore your spouse’s con, but they can remind you of your goals when you backslide.

Think of your divorce attorney as the support system you need to make clearer decisions while you transition.

6. Fast Divorce

If you’re looking for a fast divorce, an attorney is the best way to get there. Working with an attorney means having all your court documents in order so there’s no reason the court process can be delayed.

Some couples spend years trying to get divorce proceedings going because one spouse refuses to get served. A divorce attorney has resources in place to make sure the absentee spouse gets served quickly and efficiently.

7. More Logic

Divorce is a hotbed of emotions. Neither spouse can usually think clearly when the proceedings land in a dispute. 

If you’re still living under the same roof, this emotion can be multiplied by seeing the same person day after day. Hire a divorce attorney who can discuss what needs to happen without any emotional attachment.

The divorce attorney has a logical viewpoint to present that focuses on your priorities and the facts presented. The attorney has no opinion of your spouse personally.

This might seem like you’re being cold by putting another person in charge of your family’s outcome. But what’s actually happening is you’re getting a reasonable viewpoint on the situation.

You can step away after you’ve advised the attorney what you need. This keeps your mind off the drama so you can focus more clearly on your life.

Should I Get a Divorce Lawyer?

It’s always a good idea to have an experienced professional help you through a major life transition like divorce. Aim to hire the divorce attorney early in the process.

You’ll feel more organized throughout the process if you do. Divorce is like a cliff. It’s unnatural to think of jumping over the edge, but it’s a requirement of getting through the process.

A divorce attorney can help you see the cliff as an opportunity to get a fresh start. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.   




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