5 Unfortunate Signs It’s Time for a Divorce

At least 90% of people from Western cultures get married by age 50. When it’s right, marriage can be emotionally fulfilling and bring love and stability to a couple’s life. 

Yet, we’re all familiar with the statistic that half of marriages end in divorce. If your marriage isn’t what it used to be, the thought of divorce might’ve crossed your mind. 

But, what are the signs it’s time for a divorce? How do you decide if your relationship is beyond repair?

Read on as we help you navigate this difficult decision and spot the signs your marriage is over. 

1. You Feel Defensive Around Your Partner

In an ideal marriage, we want to feel supported and loved by our partner. If you feel like your partner is criticizing you, you may start to feel defensive. 

If you feel like you’re never good enough for your partner, it can lead to major problems in your marriage. It’s a good idea to start individual or couple’s therapy to address the problem. 

2. Your Relationship Lacks Intimacy

Every healthy relationship needs intimacy, or closeness. That includes both emotional and sexual intimacy. If you can’t remember the last time you had sex or had a romantic connection, that can be a problem. 

It’s also an issue if you and your partner have very different needs. If you’ve lost interest but they’re always trying to connect, that’s also a warning sign. 

3. You Have the Same Arguments Again and Again

Disagreements are bound to come up now and then and the occasional argument is normal. The key is to resolve the problem, compromise, or apologize. 

If you’re having the same fights over and over again with no end in sight, it may be time to consider divorce. You can consult a family lawyer to see what your next steps should be. 

4. You Can’t Communicate With Your Partner

One of the biggest reasons marriages crumble is when communication breaks down. Do you feel like you’re being misunderstood or not being heard? Does your partner seem closed off?

Luckily, you can address communication issues in couples therapy. Sometimes just having a third party mediate can lead to some helpful breakthroughs. 

If your partner won’t talk and won’t go to couples therapy, you might need to start the divorce process. 

5. You’re Spending Most of Your Time Apart

Some independence is part of a healthy marriage, so it’s normal if you each have your own hobbies. It’s also understandable to get busy with kids and work. 

But, if either one of you is looking for excuses to spend time apart, that could spell trouble. Are you actively avoiding spending time with their friends or family?

If you don’t like spending time with them or their friends, it can lead to even more distance in your relationship. 

Is Your Relationship Showing Signs It’s Time for a Divorce?

If you’re noticing these signs it’s time for divorce in your own relationship, don’t give up yet. You can address a lot of marital issues through couples therapy or making an effort to reconnect.

But, some issues can’t be resolved. If you and your partner aren’t communicating or spending any time together, you might need to think about divorce. 

To find more guidance on lifestyle and family, keep scrolling through our blog. 

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