5 First Time Tips for Hunting Elk

Over the years, hunting has decreased a bit in popularity. Gone are the days when your wealthy relatives might ask you to go out and shoot something for fun. However, the sport is far from dead: over 15 million people have a hunting license in this country — that’s bigger than the population of some countries! 

Of all the game you hunt, there’s none quite as engaging as the majestic elk. Hunting elk is amazing due to the extreme size and speed of the creatures — without quite the danger of bear hunting. 

Are you thinking about hunting elk for the first time? This article will answer the concern: how to hunt elk and teach you a few hunting tactics along the way. 

1. Become a Great Shot

You’ll be hunting elk with a high-powered rifle. Although elk aren’t quite as dangerous as bears, they’re not an innocent little fox or deer. If you mess this up, you could wind up injured; so make sure you’re a good shot!

Head out to the rifle range and practice your aim in the weeks and months leading to your excursion. This doesn’t have to be boring — you can think of yourself as part of your very own training montage. 

2. Enjoy the Hunting Experience

Let’s face it — you’re not going to be able to go into your first elk hunting trip alone. Find yourself a guide company that can walk you through everything you need to know to get hunting right.

Check out this California Hunting Guide for guidance on your first time hunting elk. 

3. Use the Proper Ammo 

The last thing you want is to get out there only to find that your ammo can’t kill. Research the proper ammunition for any hunting endeavor before you head out to hunt. 

4. Search Out Their Watering Areas

If you want a chance at shooting and keeping an elk, you’re going to have to find them at the places where they’re the most vulnerable. Seek them out at areas where they drink, and you’ll be far more likely to take them down. 

The element of stealth is key for the hunt. Make sure you have the proper equipment for stealthy moving and you’re far more likely to succeed. 

5. Come Equipped

Following from that last reflection, you’re going to need wonderful footwear if you want to hunt elk properly. Hunting elk isn’t just a matter of pointing and shooting: you’re going to be climbing up mountains! — crossing streams! — trailing your prey! — you’re going to need to come equipped. 

Hunting Elk is Possible 

As you can see, hunting elk is one of the most invigorating experiences in the world — if you come prepared. Make sure you’re a great shot, book a hunting experience, use the right ammo, search out watering areas, and come equipped for success, and you’re more likely to enjoy it. 

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