6 Anonymous Confession Sites Like Post Secret

Have you ever had something to say but couldn’t post it freely on any social media site? Post Secret is one of the best places for secret confessions online. Here you can write whatever you want without any fear of judgement or discovery of what you did. Be brave and let it all out, you don’t have to worry all your posts are anonymous.

To use Post Secret all you have to do is become a free member. Pick a unique username that won’t give you away and start writing what’s on your mind. It can be a secret, a want, a confession, anything. You can add a picture to go with it and people can comment and share what you’ve added.

Post Secret is a place to free your mind, find wisdom, and see that what you’ve done has been done before. If you’re someone who needs a place to share a story without anyone you know to find out, you’ll love this website. There’s a few more sites like Post Secret that let you share a secret with others, take a look and see what they all are. One will find its way onto your bookmarked sites, we’re sure of it.


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Sometimes you just have to say something without anyone knowing that it’s you. Whisper is one of the best websites like Post Secret on our list. This anonymous website will ask you to create a free profile with a username that won’t give you away. From there you can share any secret you’d like. Add a picture to get it noticed and wait for the comments to pour in. You might find words of wisdom to help you out.

Post Rejects

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This addition to our list of sites similar to Post Secret is called Post Rejects. This site caters to finding all the weirdest and most unfathomable secrets that have been posted on the net and are added to the long list of anonymous confessions that are already on this site. If you’ve found a dirty secret you want to be added to the site, simply contact them and they’ll add it too.


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Found is a great place to find things that have meaning to people’s lives. Here you can find ticket stubs, napkin doodles, birthday card messages, love letters and more. If it was found in the streets or in a dusty attic it can be added to this site. You’ll be surprised at the memories and emotions you’ll feel, even if the note isn’t one of your own. Found is one of the best additions to our list of sites like Post Secret.

Is It Normal?

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Is It Normal? Is one of the top websites to post anonymous confessions and questions. If you’re wondering about a habit you have or simply have a question that cannot be asked in public, Is It Normal is the place to go for an answer. You can confess something strange or ask something out of the ordinary on this site, without any judgement. Click on the link above to start asking your own Is It Normal questions.


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Qooh is a social site for online confessions and it works a lot like Postcard secrets. This site will start by having you create your free profile that you can then use to connect to the hundreds of thousands of users on the site. Ask whatever you want and answer truthfully, you don’t have to worry because all actions on Qooh are kept private and anonymous.


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Quora must also be added to our list of sites like Post Secret. You might already be using Quora for knowledge and facts but did you know you can also use this mega website to post anonymous questions and quotes? Quora is a place for communication and a place to find answers. If you have something that’s bothering you or need an answer to something that’s tormenting your insides, post it on Quora and wait for the advice to pour in.

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