8 Subscription Box Sites Like Ipsy

Update - 2018.01.05

Ipsy is one of the most popular subscription boxes online for receiving monthly makeup. While there are many other sites like Ipsy, not all of them are worth using. We’ve narrowed down the very best of them, allowing you to only find what’s worthy of being used.

Ipsy allows you to receive a box a month with unique makeup essentials and goodies. Whether you’re looking for sites similar to Ipsy or even if you’re looking for a list of subscription boxes of all genres, we have you covered.

We found cool subscription boxes that will get you eager to sign up. Check below to find the best monthly boxes for your needs and get started with your first box today. Make sure to share this list of sites like Ipsy with your friends – who knows, maybe someone you know will gift you cool subscription boxes for your birthday!


sites like cratejoy

Official Site

Cratejoy is one of the best subscription box services online. They bring you the ability to sign up for boxes of all genres. Normally, subscription box services are limited to a small niche, but they bring you tons of different categories. With categories such as geek, gaming, food, fitness, beauty and much more, you will easily be able to find a monthly box service for you or someone you love.



Official Site

ScentBird is a truly unique subscription box service that women will love. For those of you who are fans of sites like Ipsy, ScentBird is going to please you month after month. They send you random fragrances so you can discover the best perfumes in the world. These 30-day supplies are sent directly to your door month after month, so you’ll never run out of designer fragrances ever again!

Nerd Block

nerd block

Official Site

Nerd Block is the ideal gift for the nerds or gamers in your life. With various monthly boxes to choose from, you will easily be able to find a box that caters to you. You can choose between gamer boxes, junior boxes, sci-fi boxes and much more. Their items are really cool and will keep you guessing what you’ll get next month after month. Check out their highly affordable prices right now or scroll down for more sites like Ipsy.

Bark Box

bark box

Official Site

Bark Box is one of the best subscription boxes for pets on the internet. If you’re a dog owner or even if you know someone who’s a dog person, this is the ideal monthly box to sign up for. You’ll receive all sorts of quality goodies including treats, toys and more. These affordable boxes start at $20 per month and send you all the perks you need to keep your dog happy every single month.



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BellaBox is one of the best monthly box services like Ipsy, but for Australians. BellaBox provides you with monthly boxes containing makeup and beauty supplies of all genres. If you live in Australia and you’re looking for local sites like Ipsy, you definitely won’t want to miss out on BellaBox. They have very affordable boxes with high quality products.

Loot Crate


Official Site

Loot Crate is another one of the top subscription services for geeks online. They will send you monthly geek wear, coffee mugs, stickers, comic books and much more. Depending on the size of the box that you choose, you will receive a different amount of items. Loot Crate is packed with high quality items and is sure to get any geek or gamer looking forward to next month’s box!



Official Site

If you want to teach your kids to code, you’re going to love BitsBox. Every single month, a story along with interactive coding lessons are sent to your kids. The story books are truly amusing and once your child logs into the website, they can code the “story” into the website’s platform to build their very own apps. Your kid can then download the app for free and use it or modify it as they see fit. It’s the best way to teach your kids to code early on.



Official Site

BirchBox is another one of the best sites like Ipsy online that lets you send different kinds on monthly subscription boxes. They focus mainly around beauty and skincare, but you can narrow down your choices so you know precisely what type of products you will receive. BirchBox also has a section dedicated to men, allowing you to use BirchBox for men or women.

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