6 Online Game Rental Sites Like GameFly

If you’re familiar with Netflix you know that all you have to do is pay a low monthly fee to access an enormous collection of movies and shows. GameFly is very similar, this a Netflix for video games. There’s a few plans but one of the best is $22.95 a month to rent around 3 games a month, for as long as needed.

The games you pick on GameFly will be mailed to your door. Usually within 2-4 working days. Keep the games as long as you want before sending them back. With over 8,000 games to choose from on a vast number of consoles, you’ll never run out of gaming ideas. Once GameFly has received your previous game, you can choose a new one.

If you want to save time gaming, you can add your games choices to the “my gameQ”, this tells GameFly that you want your next choices automatically delivered to your door once they received the last one you’ve played. Use this feature if you have a long list of games to beat. For more sites like GameFly where you can find services like GameFly, browse our list below.


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Steam isn’t a rental service, but it does have a lot of games you can play on PC, for free. This is also one of the best websites like GameFly. Once you become a member on Steam you can share most of your paid games with your friends. You can also use Steam to trade weapons, clothing, coins, and more, from your favorite games with people all over the world. The is no fee to be a member on Steam, the only cost for you will be if you purchase a full game, which are usually low-priced.

Game Access 

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Game Access is a great place to rent Ps4 games online and must found among sites like GameFly. Game Access takes away due dates and shipping costs to leave you with unlimited rental time and a low monthly fee. For about $11 a month you can rent 1 game a month. If you fall in love with a game, you can “rent to own” for about $6 more a month. If the game is already in your hands you instantly qualify for an added discount. There’s also “reward points” you should check out. Enjoy this addition to our list of game rental sites.


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Travel directly to Microsoft to rent Xbox games online. Microsoft has all the games you could ever play on anyone of your Xbox consoles. You can choose to purchase the full digital game at a discounted price or rent one for a limited time. Download the game online and access it directly on your console. Microsoft even has a collection of movies and tv shows you can also rent or own. If you have an Xbox, you should check out this addition to our list of game rental sites.


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iPlay is a Netflix for video games on pc. This site charges you a low monthly cost of $10 to enjoy an unlimited access of pc games, just like Netflix. You can splurge on every single game in the catalog, every single day, without it costing you more than $10 a month. Now that’s cool. iPlay is the best video game rental service for anyone who enjoys playing games on their computer.

Check it out, your first week is free!


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Another one of the best online game rental sites like GameFly, is Gamerang. Gamerang has you pay a monthy fee of about $15 a month to rent games from every playable device possible. There’s also a number of weekly promotions that lower the price even further. Enjoy great games on Sony, Nintendo, Wii, Xbox, and other platforms for as long as it takes to complete the game and finish all the sidequests. With over 10,000 games to choose from, free shipping, and no late fees, Gamerang will become your new gaming best friend.


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GameTZ is a community of gamers. On this site found on our list of services like GameFly, you can join a massive community of gamers. Search the forums for answers to all your troublesome games, discuss favorites, and trade or sell your own games with others. GameTZ has a perfected reputation to keep frauders away and you can also keep track of wanted games and precious editions. GameTZ has been a part of our list of sites similar to GameFly for over 15 years. They have a lot of trades under their belt, will you add another notch?

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