9 More Affordable Vehicle History Sites Like Carfax

If you’re looking for a free vehicle report or even if you want to buy used cars online, sites like Carfax are going to make it happen. Carfax is the leading place to get a free VIN history report online. With the vehicle’s history reported in detail, you will easily be able to gather all of the necessary car information before committing to a purchase.

Carfax alternatives are plentiful, but choosing the best websites like Carfax can become a tedious task. Most vehicle history reports require you to pay in order to view the information. Car reports are not cheap, so finding a Carfax alternative is crucial if you want to show VIN information to a potential buyer or even if you’re a buying interested in checking vehicles thoroughly before buying.

Our team has spent days searching for the very best sites like Carfax on the internet. We went from one forum to another, we added a post seeking information on each one and we made tons of calls to really figure out which places were best for getting free car facts online. Our list below has the best of them and we also included the best used car sites as well as a useful online car loan site just in case you need auto funding as well.

Detailed Vehicle History

Official Site

Detailed Vehicle History is one of the leading providers of vehicle history reports. Their reports are comprehensive and include information about the car’s ownership history, auction records, accident records, odometer readings, title checks, stolen records, and more. To generate their reports you only need the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or License Plate (USA only). 

They cover all vehicles – including antique vehicles from 1980 or before. They offer unique services that their competitors don’t, such as auction images and window stickers (this service is also available for antique vehicles, meaning you can get access to the original specifications of your classic vehicle!). You can access their services and products through their website or their mobile app on Android and iOS.


Before going into detail about vehicle history reports, we want to share this amazing auto financing site online. Auto Financing Loan allows you to get your hands on thousands of dollars for used cars. Whether you need $1,000 for an older vehicle or even $40,000 for a newer model, Auto Financing Loan makes it easy to get approved. Apply now and benefit from an instant response – checking doesn’t affect your credit score!


Official Site

VinAudit is right at the top of our list of the best vehicle history report sites on the internet. With a quick and nearly instant reporting, you will be able to get information about cars right when you need it the most. VinAudit brings you tons of amazing information such as lien checks, odometer checks, prior damage checks, past sale listings and much more. Check out VinAudit now and you won’t regret it!

American VIN

Official Site

American VIN is one of the best and easiest places to get information about vehicles online. They have a super intuitive interface, allowing you to quickly get free vehicle history reports by simply entering the car’s VIN number. American VIN has been around for many years and is a trusted source when checking history of cars around America. Take a look at their website now!


Official Site

While CarChex does not provide you with information about vehicles, they are worth being mentioned in this list. CarChex les you benefit from the best car care and protection plans available in the industry. Simply fill out information about your vehicle and some basic personal details to get a quote. Their affordable rates allow you to fully protect your car for less.

Vehicle History

Official Site

Vehicle History is one of the few sites like Carfax that actually provides you with completely free reports. Whether you’re looking for information about liens, previous damage, prior sales or any other type of car details, you will find it with their platform. All you need in order to get your free vehicle report is the VIN number and information is provided almost instantly.


Official Site

Whether you’re looking for a theft report, damage history, odometer readings or even salvage records, you will find it all for free at Motosnoop. Their easy and completely free vehicle history environment makes browsing information about vehicles a breeze. Just enter the VIN number and you’ll be presented with tons of details, making Motosnoop a top alternative to Carfax online.


Official Site

AutoCheck is another one of the great CarFax alternatives that you won’t want to miss out on. This vehicle search tool is a little different from the others because it allows you to search via VIN number or plate number. This is a huge advantage that facilitates the entire process. Many car vendors and resellers enjoy using AutoCheck before listing the car for sale and their presence on the forum platforms is only positive.

VIN Inspect

Official Site

VIN Inspect is one of the top services like CarFax that lets you verify the ownership, liens, accidents, odometers and much more for free. You can verify as many vehicles as you want, making this one of the best car checking tools for commercial or personal use. Give VIN Inspect a try right now and we guarantee you’ll make it your go-to VIN inspection service!

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