8 Food Delivery Sites Like Blue Apron

Websites like Blue Apron are amazing if you’re looking for fresh food delivery services online. Companies like Blue Apron allow you to get fresh food sent to you on a regular basis, so you always have excellent ingredients allowing you to make tasty and healthy meals.

Whether you want to use sites like Blue Apron for new ingredients sent daily or even if you want meal delivery services that send food once per month, you will find what you need below. Our team gathered the very best websites like Blue Apron on the internet.

By comparing all of the top companies like Blue Apron, we created a list of the highest quality solutions. Find companies like Hello Fresh, sites like Plated and many other sites like Blue Apron online so you can always get fresh meal delivery services when you need them the most.


Official Site

MissFresh is one of the best options in Canada when it comes to meal delivery services. Based out of Montreal, they offer quality recipes from guest chefs and popular television-featured chefs as well. MissFresh stands out with the quality of their ingredients – we received AAA beef steaks, incredibly fresh veggies and incredibly well packaged/insulated boxes every time. MissFresh allows you to confirm your meals a few weeks in advance, so you can prepare your meals ahead of time. For 5 meals per week for 2 people, the cost is roughly $95 with free shipping. MissFresh is definitely one of the best programs like Blue Apron for our Canadian visitors.


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GoodFood is another one of the great companies like Blue Apron that bring you quality chef cooked meals on a regular basis. You pick from a variety of meals and you then select how often you wish to receive them. You can even pick exact delivery dates for specific meals. GoodFood is loaded with quality ingredients that follow the seasons. Explore their online platform now to get started.

Home Chef


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Home Chef is one of the fastest meal delivery services available online. When you want outstanding ingredients sent to your doorstep in just minutes, Home Chef is the place to go. Among the top companies like Blue Apron online, Home Chef allows you to pick from tons of recipes. Ingredients are sent to you separately, so you still make and cook your very own meals.



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BistroMD is one of the top companies like Blue Apron if you’re looking for healthy meals. This food delivery service allows you to choose from tons of healthy meals, perfect for those who want to stay in excellent shape. Choose between men meals, woman meals, diabetic meals and much more. Whether you want a 7-day package or a custom meal plan, you’ll love BistroMD.

Hello Fresh

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Hello Fresh is a Canadian based meal delivery service that brings you meals that are curated by actual chefs. One of the truly amazing things about Hello Fresh is that they get inspired by the seasonal farm fresh ingredients. Hello Fresh has very affordable prices and lets you choose from a ton of different recipes. Explore their website now or discover even more companies like Hello Fresh below.


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Looking for amazingly tasty meals without having to cook for hours every night? Freshly is the place to be. Among the best sites like Blue Apron online, you will be able to order fresh and amazingly high quality meals directly to your doorstep. The Freshly food delivery service is simple to use and they have an amazing customer service team available for answering your questions at all times!



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Plated is one of the best ways to get meal delivery services online. They have numerous plates ready to be ordered, allowing you to quickly and easily enjoy high quality meals on a nightly basis. Plated has been a leader in the industry for many years and is among the best websites like Blue Apron online. Explore Plated right now to start enjoying chef-quality food.

Macro Foods

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Macro Foods is one of the best food delivery services for people who live alone or even families who live on a tight schedule with few hours to cook meals. Fresh meals are sent ready to eat so you can quickly enjoy a chef-quality meal without having to spend hours in the kitchen. If you’re looking for sites like Blue Apron that provide you with full and ready to eat meals, you’ll love Macro Foods.

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