6 Global Trade Sites Like Alibaba

Update - 2018.01.03

If you’re looking for sites like Alibaba, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered a list of the top Alibaba competitors, so you can benefit from global trade with the best discounts. Our Alibaba alternatives are all worth discovering and have amazing discounts similar to Alibaba sales.

Alibaba is a wholesale trade site that allows you to purchase products for your store or business. You can purchase items in bulk quantities and save a ton of money when shopping via Alibaba. With their amazingly low prices and Alibaba express shipping, this is one of the best wholesale trade sites online.

We found the best sites like Ali Baba so you can get even more out of your global trading needs. Discover our list of websites like Alibaba below to instantly begin shopping for bulk products for your business!

Made in China

Global trade sites made in china

Official Site

Made in China is one of the top sites similar to Alibaba online. It has a ton of products to choose from that all originate from China. This guarantees low prices and the ability to buy almost everything in bulk quantities. If you’re looking for Chinese suppliers for your business and you want to get the best possible rates, Made in China is certainly worth looking into. Check out their website now!

Global Sources

Sites like Global Sources

Official Site

Global Sources is another one of the great sites like Alibaba worth discovering. This global trade site connects manufacturers, suppliers and business owners together in order to trade products and get the best possible rates. With products in a large variety of categories and the ability to purchase everything in bulk, you will definitely find what you’re looking for at Global Sources.


Sites like Tradekey

Official Site

TradeKey is one of the top Alibaba competitors online with a huge selection of products. If you’re looking for business to business trading sites, TradeKey is one of the first places you should visit. They have a huge selection of products, they offer fast shipping and incredibly low prices. Whether you work in a restaurant or even if you run a paper mill, you will be able to find the products you need at TradeKey.


Sites like Alibaba diytrade

Official Site

Another excellent global trade site like Alibaba is DIYtrade. This wholesale trade site lets you purchase international goods from all over the world. They have mostly products from China, allowing you to connect with Chinese suppliers for affordable products that are made in good qualities. DIYtrade is easy to use and provides fast shipping speeds for an excellent global trade experience.


Sites like ec21

Official Site

EC21 provides a global business to business trade marketplace online. Their vast selection of products makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. Whether you need bulk electronics or even if you want to buy furniture in bulk, EC21 has it all. Their website is well built, making the shopping experience a true joy. Discover the amazing products available at EC21 right now to get started with the global trade!


Sites like doba

Official Site

Doba is a little different than the other sites like Alibaba listed here. This global trade site focuses on drop shipping. So if you’re looking for simplified drop shipping for your business, you will definitely enjoy using Doba. They have a massive selection of products to choose from, providing solutions for almost every business type available. If you’re looking for sites like Alibaba for drop shipping, check out Doba!

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