9 Crowdfunding Sites Like Go Fund Me

Sites like Go Fund Me are excellent for crowdfunding sites, projects, charities or basically any type of event. Whether you want to launch a new business, develop a product or even if you want to raise funds for funeral costs, there are crowdfunding sites of all genres available online.

GoFundMe is one of the best versatile crowdfunding sites online that lets you raise money online for virtually anything. However, there are many sites like Go Fund Me that specialize in precise types of crowdfunding.

We’ve gathered a list of the best crowdfunding sites like Go Fund Me online so you can raise money online with ease. Browse these funding sites to get funding online in no time. With millions of daily users on these websites and tons of different genres of crowdfunding available, you will get the money you need!


Kickstarter is definitely one of the best GoFundMe alternatives. As one of the leading crowdfunding sites online, Kickstarter has millions of daily visitors, tons of new fundraising campaigns to discover ever day and amazingly low fees. If you’re looking for a way to raise money online for just about any type of project, you’re certainly going to enjoy using Kickstarter as your funding site.


Pozible is a niche crowdfunding site that specializes in raising funds for art, music, movies and all forms of artwork. They provide funding for ideas, fully developed projects and much more. Whether you’re an artist or even if you want to raise money for your band to go on tour, Pozible is one of the best funding sites available. Discover all of the amazing projects and campaigns at Pozible now!


Fundable is one of the best sites like Go Fund Me if you’re looking for business funding online. This site will help you raise money online for new businesses and established businesses alike. Whether you need money to purchase new office equipment or even if you want to broaden your product line, Fundable is the best place to find business investors online. Discover their website now!


IndieGoGo is another one of the excellent sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo online. If you’re looking for crowdfunding sites that let you fund pretty much all types of projects, this is the place to be. You will find tons of great products as well, which haven’t yet launched and are in need of funding. Whether you’re a buyer or even if you’re looking for funds online, IndieGoGo is the place to be!


SeedUps is one of the best tech crowdfunding sites online. This website similar to Go Fund Me focuses primarily on funding technology such as electronics, video games and mobile phone apps. Whether you want to get funds online for tech projects or even if you want to browse the latest advancements in technology, SeedUps is a great website to visit. Browse their crowdfunding website now!


Causes is one of the best crowdfunding sites like Go Fund Me for charitable causes. Whether you’re a non-profit organization or even if you’re raising money online for an ill family member, Causes is the place to be. This funding site has low fees and makes it easy to set up a fundraising campaign online within minutes. Check out Causes right now to explore your fundraising options!


Fundly is another one of the great alternatives to Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe. As one of the leading funding sites online, it has low rates, millions of users and an easy to use platform. Fundly lets you set up fundraising campaigns online for pretty much any type of project or idea, making it the ideal solution for just about everyone. Take a look at Fundly right now to see how it works!

Techno Funding

Techno Funding is the crowdfunding website that you’ll want to use if you’re looking to raise funds for tech projects or ideas. Whether you have a brand new robot idea or even if you plan on developing the latest drone technologies, Techno Funding makes it happen. They connect you with investors looking to invest their money in tech projects. Check out all of the cool campaigns at Techno Funding right now!


Donorhut is a relatively new fundraising website online, but it’s certainly a great option worth considering. With excellent social media integration, low fees and custom branding opportunities, Donorhut is definitely rich in features. Their platform is well-designed, making navigation a breeze. With no monthly or hidden fees, Donorhut simply takes 2.1% of each donation. Furthermore, donations can be sent in multiple currencies. Take a look at Donorhut now as one of the great alternatives to Go Fund Me.

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