8 Business Loan Sites Like Kabbage

Companies like Kabbage are great for getting peer to peer loans online. If you’re looking for online business loans, Kabbage is one of the best places to visit. With sites like Kabbage, you can benefit from short term business loans and the ability to get quick loans without any hassles.

Kabbage loans are excellent because the Kabbage interest rates are often low and you can get approved within hours. Whether you want to expand your business or even if you want to start from the ground up, Kabbage funding is definitely one of the best options to consider.

We’ve made a list of the best companies like Kabbage online so you can easily find short term business loans. These business loan sites have the best interest rates, the fastest approvals procedures and are excellent for various business funding purposes. If you’re tired of reading Kabbage reviews, browse our list to instantly find the best companies like Kabbage online!

National Funding

National Funding is another excellent option to consider because they have low rates and high approval rates. As a leading small business loans solution, National Funding has already funded over 1.5 billion dollars. They make the application process simple and it can be entirely completed online. If you’re looking for small business loans online, you’ll want to check out National Funding.


If you’re looking for small business loans online, Lendio is going to become one of your best resources. They make getting your hands on business funding a breeze. With numerous options available to small, mid and large sized business, you will easily find a solution that adapts to your needs. Check out Lendio right now and get approved for a business loan within moments!


OnDeck is one of the best sites like Kabbage on the internet. This business lending site provides you with a decision in minutes, allowing you to quickly know whether or not you’re approved. They can lend a few thousand dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. OnDeck has low interest rates, flexible repayment terms and a spotless reputation, making them an ideal Kabbage competitor.

Capital Loan Hub

Capital Loan Hub is one of the best no collateral business loan sites online. Small business owners can get their hands on loans up to $500,000 without having to put up any collateral. Applying for a business loan online at Capital Loan Hub is free and a member of their team will work with you to ensure you get approved. Once approved, you can gain access to the funds in as little as 24 hours.

Lend Junction

LendJunction offers numerous business funding solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Whether you want to renovate your shop, add new machinery or even if you want to expand, getting small business loans from LendJunction is a breeze. Along with offering excellent repayment terms and fast funding, their support team will be able to provide amazing assistance through every step of the way.

Lending Tree

Lending Tree is another alternative to Kabbage worth discovering. They offer various types of loans including mortgage loans, business loans and more. Their website is highly intuitive, making the application process a breeze. Plus, with industry-low rates and flexible payment terms, getting loans at Lending Tree is a true pleasure. Discover their rates and loan types by visiting their website now!

Can Capital

Another excellent site to get business funding online is Can Capital. As one of the top sites like Kabbage online, Can Capital has amazing rates, high funding caps and a ton of excellent reviews to back up their reputation. Can Capital also makes the application simple, allowing you to complete every step online. Check out Can Capital now to discover their various small business loan options.

Lending Club

Lending Club is another excellent site to visit when searching for companies like Kabbage. They can provide you with loans up to $300,000 and their low rates start at 5.9%. Lending Club is highly competitive against the Kabbage interest rates, making them one of the top alternatives to choose from. Take a look at their website now to discover all of their amazing small business funding options available!

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