What to Do If You’re Short on Cash: Five Easy Tips


We all find ourselves in a financial pinch from time to time. A financial shortfall can be one of the biggest stressors in your life. We all fall short on cash sometimes, but rest assured that help is available if you know where to look. 

Read the tips below so that you know what to do if you’re short on cash. 

1. Find Some Quick and Easy Loans

There are several loan options you can look for that will help you pay for your needs. 

You should learn more about payday loans and other quick loan options that will give you cash when you need it. Keep in mind that these loans have quicker repayment periods and higher interest rates. 

Look into the reviews for these loans and understand all the terms that come with the process. 

2. Ask For More Time on Your Bills

Take the time to assess your liabilities and reach out to any of the companies that you owe. You’d be surprised to find out just how willing these companies are to work with you when you bring some cooperation to the table. 

If you let them know your payment plan and make a good faith effort to pay what you owe, most creditors will gladly give you more time.

They’re more likely to actually get paid when they give you more time than they would by sending collections companies after you, so ask about payment options. 

3. Go Hunting For Change

You probably have lots of change laying around your home if you know where to look. Start checking between seat cushions and all around the house and collect the change in jars. 

This is money that you otherwise aren’t going to use. Having to count it yourself is the biggest hindrance that most people struggle with. 

When you take your change to a machine that will take a fee and cash you out, the cost is well worth it. 

4. Look For Things to Sell

You’d be surprised to know what items you have in your house that you can sell quickly for cash. 

There are likely plenty of items you can sell that are lying around in your garage or attic. Flip some items on eBay or other outlets so that you can improve your cash flow and get rid of clutter. 

Items like electronics, old jewelry, and collectibles make for a good flip. 

5. Keep a Credit Card For Emergencies

Credit is often spoken about like the Boogie Man. However, having a credit card for emergencies will make you breathe a sigh of relief. 

Avoid holding a balance on this card unless you have to. Assess your current situation and figure out if you want to use your credit card to make up for your lack of cash. 

Know What To Do If You’re Short on Cash

These tips show you what to do if you’re short on cash. Put these suggestions to use so that you can make up for your current financial crisis. 

We’ve got you covered whenever you’re trying to handle your money better. Check back with us to learn more about personal finance, business, and more. 

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