What Really Goes Into Making Marijuana Candy?

CBD and marijuana are everywhere these days, with a massive industry not churning out a wide variety of products for people from all walks of life. What still may shock you, though, is the prevalence of marijuana candy.

Marijuana isn’t the first ingredient you might think when you think of sweet candy. Marijuana edibles have been an ever-growing experiment into the workings of the marijuana drug.

What goes into these edibles? What makes marijuana edibles unique? Let’s explore.

The Basics of Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles cover any food product that has an infusion of marijuana chemicals. These have become a popular marijuana product, adding in some nice flavor and snack appeal to a widespread activity.

The effects and differences of marijuana edibles can be different from standard marijuana use like smoking. 

1. Weighing the Effects of Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles often have a very different approach than standard marijuana use. The biggest shift in how long it can take for effects to start, with edibles often taking longer to take effect.

Because of this, edibles can be dangerous. Many eat a small portion, don’t feel the effects, and keep eating until they do. The buildup of psychoactive chemicals then makes the effects pile up in massive ways. 

Your metabolism can also play a bigger role in the edible’s potency, as your body needs to digest and absorb the food into your system. Use caution and pay attention to an edible’s ingredients and portions before partaking. 

2. Difference From CBD Edibles

Another note with edibles is that there are both marijuana edibles and CBD edibles. Often with smoking or other marijuana use, you know by type what is CBD and what is marijuana. 

The differences are in the psychoactive effect. CBD oil of any kind has the THC that gets you high removed. This makes CBD oil and the related edibles only for medicinal use, where the basic marijuana edibles are for recreational use. 

Making Marijuana Candy

The process of making marijuana edibles, like marijuana candy, comes from distilling the cannabis chemicals from the plant. This makes oil that you can cook with. Often this comes in the form of Canna-butter or Canna-oil.

The type of cannabis byproduct that gets used depends on the type of candy. For baked pieces, often the better is better. For different forms of sweets, the canna-oil can work as a coating or sauce for the candy.

Because the process works with a basic ingredient like butter, you can substitute marijuana into any cooking product to get marijuana edibles.

If you are curious about the variety of marijuana candy that you can get, OTC Candy has a massive selection to choose from. 

Staying Informed

Marijuana candy can be a fun and sweet way of enjoying either the recreational fun of marijuana or the healing help of CBD oil. With a wide host of flavors, marijuana has never been more delicious! 

Knowing what goes into your food and drink is the strong foundation of health and wellness. It is one of many topics we work to cover here. You can learn more about that, and business, tech, and much more, with our other articles.

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