What Is an Overuse Injury

If you play sports, your chance of getting an overuse injury is greater than average. In fact, the prevalence of overuse injury is 42% for individuals and 33% for team athletes.

But what is an overuse injury? How does one get diagnosed with this injury? What can one do to avoid this type of injury? 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

An Overview On Overuse Injury

An overuse injury is a type of injury caused by repetitive motion or activity. It occurs when a body part is used too often or in a way that puts excessive strain on a muscle or joint.

This type of injury often occurs after long-term physical activities, such as running and cycling. It may also be caused by performing too many repetitions of a particular exercise.

The most common overuse injuries are tendinitis, stress fractures, muscle strains and sprains, and joint pain. Symptoms include pain when performing normal activities, swelling, and stiffness.

How Are Overuse Injuries Treated?

Overuse injury treatment will depend on the size and type of injury. Physical therapy is often recommended as the first line of treatment. 

Modalities such as heat and cold therapy can help reduce pain and swelling. And gentle exercises such as stretching with a minimal range of motion can help restore flexibility and strength. Other treatment options may include:

  • rest
  • bracing
  • anti-inflammatory medications
  • injections

Surgery is only necessary in cases of severe damage. Besides treatment, modifying the activity that caused the injury is important for successful healing and prevention of recurrence.

Overuse injuries can be difficult to treat. So it’s important that people know and monitor potential risk factors. This will help reduce the risk of sustaining an overuse injury.

People also need to regularly visit doctors like the ones at azpaindoctors.com to make sure that their recovery is progressing. Without the help of medical professionals, it might be hard to treat the injury completely.

How Are Overuse Injuries Prevented?

To prevent overuse injuries, it is essential to stretch and warm up before any physical activity. This will avoid strenuous exercise and activities with poor technique and ensure ample rest periods.

For those doing strenuous activities, it is important to gradually increase intensity over time. This is better than increasing the intensity of activities all at once. Proper body alignment and posture, and correct equipment for the activity can also go a long way towards prevention.

Overall, prevention of overuse injuries can happen with good technique, rest, and regeneration. People can also avoid the injury with proper warm-up and gradual progression of intensity.

Knowing Is the Key to Prevention

Overuse injuries, in the world of health, are considered one of the most ongoing and debilitating issues. To prevent it, athletes need to listen to their bodies.

So if you feel like you have an overuse injury, take the necessary steps today. This way, you can ensure long-term success and good health.

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