What Does the Future of Cars Look Like? 3 Fascinating Possibilities

What does the future of cars look like? As we move towards a greener future, how will cars need to change to combat global warming? Will we even drive cars in 2050 or will autonomous vehicles rule the roost?

In March, 75 percent of cars sold in Norway were either electric or plug-in hybrid: it’s clear to see that electric cars are a key part of our automotive future. Yet what other technological advances await us in the near future?

Join us as we take a closer look at the future of cars and what we can expect to see on the roads by 2050. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

The Future of Cars is Electrifying

The future of cars is tied to the future of electric cars. It’s probable that in the next 25-30 years, we will all have an electric car sitting in our garage.

Electric cars used to be seen as pie in the sky and somewhat unfeasible. Low ranges, a lack of power, and high prices all put off consumers. Truly execrable models like the REVAi, AKA the G-Wiz, did nothing to boost their reputation.

Yet today, the electric car landscape is different. Teslas and other prestige electric cars have changed public perception.

The range problem has been solved with Tesla models often packing ranges of over 300 miles. Speedy charging means that once the battery is empty, you can be back on the road in under an hour.

The key problem with electric cars is that they don’t solve climate change on their own. If fossil fuels are used to generate electricity that then charges your car, this is still a significant problem.

Self-Driving Cars

When we think of cars from the future, self-driving cars are never far from our minds. Numerous automated guided vehicle companies are springing up all the time. It’s likely that self-driving cars will be a big part of our future.

At present, there are still problems that we need to solve before we can sit back and let our vehicles do the work for us. For instance, bad weather often interferes with self-driving technology at present. Rain and snow can play havoc with sensors which lead to a human having to take back control.

However, when technology improves, self-driving tech could pair with GPS software to allow your car to go anywhere without you having to lift a finger.

Built-In Customisation

While not as significant as self-driving technology or electric motors, it’s possible that in the future, we will be able to change the look of our cars at a moment’s notice. Digital paint could be tweaked on the fly to ensure our cars always look fresh.

What will cars look like in 2050? Maybe they could look like anything you want.

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