What Are Water Softeners and Why Do You Need One?

Water is unique since it’s the only natural substance found in 3 physical states (gas, liquid, solid). It also dissolves more substances than other liquids. 

If you have harder water, then you might be curious about water softeners. You might wonder whether you need one or not.

This article will explore what water softeners are, and why you need one. Read on to explore the answer to these questions and have softer water today! 

What Is a Water Softener? 

This is a filtration system that removes high amounts of magnesium and calcium that cause hard water. Water flows through this system and releases softer water. You can check out different water softener options out there. 

Water Softener Cost

The cost will depend on installation, the size of your home, and other features. Some water softeners come with UV disinfection. This removes viruses or bacteria from your water. 

Soft Water vs Hard Water

Hard water can leave films and spots on bathtubs and dishes. It can also lead to damage to your household appliances. 

It can clog plumbing and stop the flow of heat in boilers due to the deposits it leaves. While it’s not dangerous to drink, it can leave a bitter taste. 

1. Saves Money

Since your appliances and pipes can last longer by choosing softer water, it can reduce the amount of repair bills. When you have mineral buildup, it’ll increase the energy used to keep the water cold or hot. This buildup can mean needing to replace your appliances more often as well. 

2. Less Time Cleaning

Hard water leaves you needing to redo laundry and dishes. Softer water will penetrate soap and leave less soap scum behind. 

3. Improves Water Flow

Water softeners prevent the buildup of minerals in your pipes. This means that there’s less buildup that your water needs to pass through within your pipes. 

4. Brighter Fabrics

Hard water causes the particles to transfer to your linen and fabrics. Your linen and fabrics will have a softer feel to them. They’ll also look brighter since there’s no discoloration. 

5. Softer Hair

Hard water can make your hair more brittle and dry out your skin. Your hair and skin will feel softer, lighter, and fresh after using soft water. 

How Do They work? 

They work similarly to magnets. One side is negative and the other is positive. 

Since magnesium and calcium are positively charged molecules and cause hard water, they pass through negatively charged resin beads and attract. 

When the system cleans itself, it’s a similar concept. Salt and water flush through the resin beads. This means that the magnesium and calcium detach from the resin beads and drain out with the saltwater. 

Understanding Water Softeners

Now that you’ve explored what water softeners are and why you need them, you should have a better idea if they’re right for you. Would you like to read more lifestyle content? For all of your lifestyle content needs, check out our other articles today. 

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