The Truth About Being a Surrogate Mother

The miracle of childbirth is something that many people take for granted. Becoming a parent by traditional means isn’t an option for everyone, due to health issues among other reasons.

Fortunately, there are other ways that people can become parents, including through a surrogate. Women who are surrogates agree to carry a baby to term and then forego all rights to the child. In other words, a surrogate is essentially a means of delivery and nothing more.

This article takes a look at the truth about being a surrogate. Keep reading to discover what becoming a surrogate means and what to expect from the process.

Surrogates Provide a Service

It’s important to keep in mind that surrogates aren’t mothers. This might sound cold, and yet it is technically accurate.

After all, the surrogate is simply doing the job of bringing a healthy baby into the world. This is generally done in exchange for financial compensation, with no further expectation of an ongoing relationship. 

The fee can be negotiated and agreed upon before pregnancy, and then the final payment is made upon delivery. 

Here is a resource where you can learn the facts about how to become a surrogate mother.

Surrogates Have No Desire to Keep the Baby

Popular culture is littered of stories about surrogates who fall in love with the newborn upon delivery and then refuse to give up their right to the child.

In reality, this type of situation rarely occurs. The vast majority of surrogates fully understand the arrangement and are perfectly content to move on.  Most of these women understand the value of not getting attached to the unborn baby and thus are fully prepared for the moment of separation. 

Not Everyone Can Be a Surrogate

Believe it or not, surrogates must pass psychological testing before they can proceed with the desired agreement. This is extremely important for establishing expectations and ensuring that no issues will arise once she has given birth.

Medical tests are also necessary to show that the surrogate is physically healthy and free of disease or other medical concerns that might be passed on to the child.

Surrogates Don’t Get Impregnated the Old-Fashioned Way

That’s right, the surrogate doesn’t have sex with the father. Instead, the doctor will recommend either in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination, depending on the specifics of the case. Thus no one involved has to worry about any social awkwardness during the process.

They Don’t Do It for the Money

Becoming a gestational surrogate isn’t a way to get rich. In fact, many women who provide this service earn a very modest fee considering the demands of carrying a baby to term.

Most women who agree to use their bodies for this process do so out of a desire to help others, and therefore take great joy in being able to contribute to love and joy.

The Simple Truth About Being a Surrogate

Being a surrogate isn’t easy. In fact, it can be an emotional roller coaster. Even so, it’s a way for healthy and willing women to help bring joy and happiness to families all around the world.

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