The Psychology of Food Marketing: A Short Guide

Are you running a food business or considering a food career?

If so, you’re likely stumped by the food marketing process each time you launch a new product.

The biggest challenge is understanding the psychology of food marketing. You want to understand what makes a customer tick. You want to know how to entice customers to buy more food products from your brand.

This short guide will show you the basics of food marketing for your brand.

Here’s what you need to know:

Package Design

The first step is to ensure an attractive package design for your food products. You want to first consider a color that entices your customers.

Red is usually the best color for most food products. Consider green for vegetarian and vegan products. If you can, you want to include images of the food product on the package.

You can hire this packaging design agency to help you create the best package for your food products.

What Colors to Use

Continuing from the previous section, you want to understand how some of the most popular colors affect your food branding.

Black and white indicate sophistication and are great for selling candies and alcoholic spirits. Imagine a case of Ferrero Rocher or a bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey against a black or white background.

Blue is perfect for selling drinks such as water. If you wish to sell a juice then you want to use the same color as the liquid itself.

Yellow and orange are perfect for selling fruits and vegetables. You can also use these colors for selling organic foods.

Once you find a color that resonates with your customers you should stick to it.

While it’s alright to experiment on occasion you also run the risk of losing loyal customers. They might have concerns about the product simply because of the different colors!

Express a Mood or Function

One of the crucial aspects of food branding is to share a mood or function that your customer will experience with a food product.

For example, do you want your customer to drink your wine solely for the taste? Or do you also want them to feel sensuous when they drink the wine?

If you promote a protein powder you’ll want to advertise that it helps build muscle. Or you can promote the idea that it can assist with bulking or getting leaner!

You want your customer to buy a food product not just for the taste. They should also feel they can get something else from the food product.

That’s How to Succeed With Food Marketing

Now that you know the fundamentals of food marketing you’re ready to promote your food products.

You want to first hire a packaging design company to assist you. A great package design is the first method for selling your food products.

Ensure that you understand how different colors work to promote your food products. You also want to express a mood or function with the food products that you sell.

You can find even more food marketing tips on our blog!

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