The Doctor Is In! How to Become a Physician and Help People

Wondering how to become a physician? Well, it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears – and that’s before you even start the job!

Now more than ever we are seeing the way that medical professionals are modern day heroes. By simply doing what they have trained for they are saving lives every day. 

So if you’re thinking something like, “How can I become a physician?” because you want to be in the business of helping make the world a better place, here’s a little bit about what it takes. If you want to become a physician, look no further and find out what that process could look like for you!

How to Become a Physician

There are three main parts to becoming a physician that play a big role in your future career. Keep reading to find out how education, residency, and board exams influence the road to practice. 


Education is a huge part of becoming a physician, no matter what kind you want to be. It’s good to do well in high school so that you can get into a great college, especially one that has a good reputation for medicine

You can take courses related to medicine in college, and also bulk up your knowledge with options like an ultrasound course for physicians that can earn you more credits.

Your collegiate career will be very long if you’re going into medicine; all of your studies in undergrad will result in a bachelor’s degree, and then you will need to take the MCAT and score high enough so that you can get into medical school. Then you will need to apply and get into a medical school to continue your training up until Residency. 


Residency is a specialized education experience in the medical field you are interested in. That’s right, after all of your schooling, there is still more to learn!

This is like an extended lab period, where you are paid to be an intern at a place you get matched to. The pay should cover your cost of living and education, and also takes some time (usually around three years or more) to complete. 

Throughout residency, you’ll be earning licenses that will add up to giving you the ability to practice as a physician in your given area of interest.  

Board Exams

Finally, you will need to pass your board exams. This is like the gateway into medicinal practice!

Board Exams come at the end of residency, once you have obtained all of the licensures that your residency program has to offer. In passing them, you’ll be able to practice independently wherever you see fit. 

Helping Through Health

If you were wondering how to become a physician, it could be summed up with one word: school. 

The whole process is learning and learning and learning, so if you’re in it to keep learning in the long run, it’s time to hit the books! This is a profession that requires extreme skill, so it’s no surprise that there is a lot of studying and testing involved in becoming the best physician you can be, but it really pays off with the difference that you can make. 

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