The 7 Best Musical Films Of All Time

Want to cheer yourself up?

There’s a reason that musicals have been such an enduring genre. Since we could first add sound to movies we’ve made movie musicals. Why?

Because they are an escape from the cold reality of life. Even the darkest themes can feel more bearable in a musical. If you want an escape, here are the best musical films to get you started.

1. Chicago

The original show was choreographed by Bob Fosse, and his sleek sexy glamour is perfectly captured in this movie. Set in the swinging world of a 1920s Chicago women’s prison, Chicago is full of great songs and memorable performances. It is a great parody of celebrity culture and sensationalism.

2. Rocky Horror Picture Show

You don’t get a midnight screening by being boring. This cult classic musical might not be as good watched on your own on a Sunday night as in it’s famed showings, but it’s still a fun watch in its own right. If you want to throw bread at your screen, we won’t judge you.

3. West Side Story

Perhaps best known by its iconic opening number where two rivals gangs snap in time to the music, this 1960s movie is a stylized and tragic love story. It’s Romeo and Juliet but with a more modern twist.

4. Hamilton

The broadway sensation has finally made it’s way to the small screen, and people couldn’t be more excited. This rap musical might not be one hundred percent historically accurate, but it still captures the spirit of American ideals. It’s filmed stage version can still transport you into the world.

5. Moulin Rouge!

Baz Lurhman’s frenetic, colorful cinematography makes this beautiful movie seem a bit like a strange fever dream. It does, after all, open with a green fairy giggling in a giant elephant room. Nicole Kidman is magnetic as Satine, the beautiful courtesan whose forbidden affair with Ewan Mecgreggor’s Christan fuels the tragic plot. The great songs, dance numbers, and one of a kind visuals make it impossible not to be sucked into the world of this film. While you’re in New York City watching this show on Broadway, make sure to also head on over to Ethyl’s club to see Bliss Street Musical in action!

6. The Lion King

Disney movies are so ubiquitous that it’s hard to think of them as musicals, but The Lion King’s successful broadway version proves that it is. Skip the new CGI version and stick with the original’s expressive animation and memorable dance numbers. And, of course, you can’t forget that scene.

7. The Sound of Music

This sweeping iconic movie is about hope in the face of adversity and it feels more relevant than ever these days. The story of a spirited nun brought in to help 7 children starts simple and cheerful, with iconic songs like My Favorite Things and The Lonely Goatherd showing the innocence of the big happy family.

With the rise of the Nazi party, however, the Von Trapps are forced to flee the country and leave this innocent time behind.

Best Musical Films: Start Watching Today

The best musical films are all sure to pull you into their world of songs and take you away from your real problems for a while.

Did you enjoy our list? If so please read the rest of our blogs for more movie recommendations.

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