The 5 Surprising Spiritual Benefits of Shungite You Should Know About

Did you know that shungite is one of the few rare organic materials that contain fullerenes? If you are a spiritual person by nature you might be wondering what the benefits of shungite are, in order to decide whether or not to add them to your stone collection.

If this sounds like you keep reading to learn five top benefits of this beautiful ancient stone. 

1. Natural Detoxifier and Stabilizer

One of the many shungite properties is its ability to infuse your being with light and protect you from any negative energy. It has the ability to stabilize all the energy in your own body, your environment, and your aura.  

2. Healing Powers

Shungite stones help with healing in many areas of your life. They provide physical healing for those that are dealing with any physical limitations whether they are recent limitations or past limitations. If you suffer from a chronic disease you can sit every day with a piece of shungite on the area with the pain to help you battle the pain you feel. 

They also help with healing spiritual, mental, and emotional situations.

3. Electric and Magnetic Field Protection

If you want to have protection from electric and magnetic fields then this is one of the best EMF inhibitors you can find. You can put a few stones near your laptop, mobile devices, computers, cameras, television, WiFi modem, etc. 

It will help neutralize EMF effects by shielding you from electronics without interfering with their operation. 

4. Meditation

Another benefit of shungite is the improved focus during meditation while you are holding it. You can either hold a piece in your hand or have it near you while you are meditating to notice a few benefits, such as less anxiety.

It will help calm down your mind especially if you are someone that has a hard time quieting down your thoughts. Meditation is an energy booster and so is shungite. Using shungite during meditation is a perfect combination for a boost of energy. 

If you have the chance to meditate outdoors with shungite on hand you will feel connected to the earth and will feel even more positive and more rejuvenated. 

5. Chakras

If you feel that your chakras are not balanced then shungite is calling your name. This stone helps realign the chakras. It is also perfect for balancing the root chakra which helps you feel rooted and grounded. 

Now You Are Aware of the Top Benefits of Shungite

Now that you have a list of the benefits of shungite hopefully, it has made your decision easier to go shopping for your next stone. With so many positive benefits it’s no wonder that this stone is being recognized more in the Western World even though it has been around for centuries. 

Did you enjoy this post? Please check back often to never miss our latest and always stay in the know! 

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