Taking Care of Jewelry: 5 Pro Tips for How to Care for Jewelry

Taking care of jewelry the proper way could depend on the type of jewelry it is. If you enjoy wearing jewelry daily, then you should be up to date on the latest tips for caring for jewelry. By caring for your jewelry, it’ll last you for years to come and will remain as shiny and stunning as it was the day you purchased it. 

Not sure how to care for jewelry properly?

Continue reading below for our guide on taking care of jewelry and making it last a lifetime!

1. Put Jewelry on Last

When you’re getting ready in the mornings or getting ready to go out for the night, always put your jewelry on last. You want to avoid getting chemicals or any other harsh products on your jewelry.

If you put your jewelry on first, then you take the risk of lotions, hair products, makeup, cologne or perfume, and other things getting on your jewelry. This can cause damage. 

To avoid it, finish getting ready and then put on your jewelry pieces. 

2. Take It Off When Necessary

You should know when to remove your jewelry as well. Even the most expensive pieces of jewelry should be well-cared for, and that requires you to take them off when dealing with any harsh chemicals or when working with your hands.

When playing sports, doing yard work, swimming in chlorine pools, or cleaning with chemicals, you should remove all jewelry pieces. 

3. Give It a Mild Wash

The easiest way to wash your jewelry is to use a mild soap mixed with some warm water. This will work well for all types of jewelry. Use a soft rag or cloth to dip in the solution and clean your jewelry with.

If you want to shine your jewelry, you can use special cleaning products made specifically for the type of jewelry you have. Be sure to know the material or metal your jewelry is made from and purchase the appropriate cleaner.

To keep sterling silver looking good, you should lightly wipe it off and set it in it’s storing place. 

4. Conduct Frequent Inspections

To ensure your jewelry is in the best shape possible, you should conduct frequent inspections. After each use, remove your jewelry and inspect it for signs of dirt or scratches. 

If you see any damages to it, you can contact a professional. Professional jewelers are the best people to contact when your jewelry needs a good cleaning for things you can’t do at home. 

Deep scratches, loose gemstones, broken pieces, or dirt you can’t seem to get clean are all jobs for the professionals. 

5. Store It Properly

When not wearing your jewelry, you should store it properly. Keep all different types of jewelry separate from one another. You should hang your necklaces, place your rings in a ring holder, and etc. 

Keep all of your jewelry organized in a jewelry box, jewelry display case, or jewelry hanger is the best way to prevent damages when not being worn.

Learn How to Care for Jewelry Today

If you love wearing different jewelry pieces, then you need to know how to care for jewelry. Use the tips listed here to ensure your jewelry stays in the best condition possible. 

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