Short or Bald: How to Cut Your Own Hair With Clippers

Are you looking to get a haircut?

With the current pandemic going on in the world, many people can’t go out to get a haircut. It’s still possible, but the risk is too great since it involves close contact with other people. This makes it important to learn how to cut your own hair with clippers.

It comes down to whether you should cut your hair short, or go bald. Keeping it short is a good idea since it might be a while before you can go to a professional barber. Regardless of the length you want, you need to know how to cut your hair by yourself.

Read on to learn what you need to do to cut your hair by yourself. Give yourself a good cut today!

Prepare Your Tools

Preparing your tools helps you keep yourself organized while you’re cutting your hair. Doing this is also a good way to speed up the process since you won’t fiddle around looking for the right tool the use.

Clippers are a must since you will use them regardless of the cut you’ll give yourself. They keep your sides clean and looking smooth. If you’re going for a balding look, then balding clippers are the better since they ensure a smooth shave.

If you want to only keep it short, scissors are what you want. It’s also worth getting a handheld mirror to help you cut the hair behind your head. If you don’t want hair to get in your clothes, get yourself a cutting cape, too.

You may also want to get hair products to help you when you’re finished. They help you clean up the bits of hair left in your head.

Choose Your Preferred Haircut

With your tools prepared, it’s time to choose a good haircut for you. Should you go for a shorter cut or go bald?

The shape of your head should help you decide. If you have a round head, being bald will be a good look for you. These faces benefit a lot from showing a lot more of your head.

You only need to make sure that your scalp is also round. A misshapen head can cause you to look off. It can even make your face look off-center if you have a bump going off in a direction.

If you have lots of angles on your face, you want to keep your hair short to show them off. Keeping your hair short is with this face type leaves you with ways to enhance your angles. You can do this by shaping your hair to a sharp point.

Wash Your Hair

Before you cut your hair, washing your hair is an important step. Doing this washes any oil from your hair. It’s important because the oil can prevent your hair from separating.

This makes it harder for you to get an even cut for your hair since the hair sticks together. It also makes it harder to comb your hair while you’re cutting your own hair with clippers.

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner to keep it from clogging your tools. The dirt and oil can cause your equipment to jam since the oil makes the hair stick in the small spaces of your clippers.

This is one of the things you won’t experience in salons and barbershops nowadays. The new normal prevents people from getting to close to you to wash your hair.

Start Trimming the Sides

Any good cut starts with you trimming the sides. This sets up the rest of your haircut, giving you a guideline to know where to cut and how short you set it. Don’t trim it too high into your head or you will end up with a mohawk.

A trick to help you keep yourself from shaving too high is to place your fingers on your temple. Keep the shave around 3 finger-widths from the base of your ear. It’s an excellent way to keep your self haircut looking professional.

Go from your sides to the back of your head. Shave it as short as the sides to keep it even. Start from the center going to the sides until they connect.

Go Against Your Hair

Learning how to cut your own hair with clippers relies a lot on knowing how to shave your head. Most people don’t know how to do it and end up with uneven hair on their heads.

When you’re shaving, it’s better to go against your hair than along it. Going along the direction of your hair’s growth is a surefire way to get an incomplete shave. You will have a patchy shave and uneven ones if you do this.

Going against the direction where your hair is growing is better. It ensures that you can get to the base of the hair to shave it. Doing this keeps the shave even and prevents it from being patchy.

Cut the Top Short

Once you like the length of your shave, you will want to even out the length with the rest of your hair. Ignoring this step makes your head appear as if it’s a mushroom. Uneven length also makes you look unprofessional to other people.

Grab your scissors and start trimming your hair. It’s harder than you think since cutting it all a single length doesn’t account for the shape of your head.

You will want to keep it longer the closer you are to the center of your scalp. This makes your hair look even as it settles.

After all this, dust off the hair on your clothes and wash your head again. Use more shampoo to ensure you get rid of any remaining fluff from your haircut.

Learn How to Cut Your Own Hair With Clippers Today

Keeping your hair short during this pandemic is a good way to keep yourself looking clean.

It’s great in boosting your morale and keeping you in good spirits. Learn how to cut your own hair with clippers and give yourself a good haircut today!

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