Scrum 101: What Does a Scrum Master Do?

Project management has taken on many forms as companies have tried to do things better while under tighter deadlines.

Methodologies like Scrum and Agile have been developed for companies to adopt to reach production goals.

Somewhere in the project management world is the position of scrum master. This is one of the most important roles of the project team.

What does a scrum master do? Read on to find out.

Agile vs. Scrum

Agile and scrum are two terms that are thought to mean the same thing. They are a part of one project management methodology.

Agile is a standard of principles used to guide software development. Within these guidelines are a series of processes where you develop and test software.

Scrum is a type of Agile process. The goal of scrum is to sprint to deliver the software in the shortest amount of time.

Scrum in Action

If you have a project due soon, chances are that it’s a massive project with a defined due date. You can break down your project into smaller stages.

These smaller stages are called sprints. Sprints are short bursts of work to complete a part of the project until the entire project has finished.

If your mind automatically turns to rugby when you think of Scrum, turn it back to technology and project management.

The concept is similar in that a scrum is really a gathering. When you’re in a sprint, the entire team meets for 15 minutes in a daily scrum.

There are three roles within a scrum: scrum master, project owner, and the members of the project team.

The product owner is the one person who sees things from the customer’s perspective. They are also responsible for getting the project team through the backlog of items.

The project team consists of designers and developers who create the product.  

What Does a Scrum Master Do?

A scrum master is the one who ensures the entire project follows Agile principles. They run the daily scrums to get product updates.

They serve as a leader and coach of the team. They are the ones who remove obstacles and barriers that prevent team members from getting the job done.

They also support individuals and consistently find ways to get each employee to be more productive. A scrum master guide is a useful resource to have to fully understand the important role of scrum master.

The Role of Scrum Master

Project management is hard to do because you have so many different personalities trying to collaborate on major projects. A project that takes a long time will cost a business a lot more money than anticipated.

What does a scrum master do? A scrum master is a taskmaster and leadership coach at the same time. They work with everyone on the team to make sure they are in an environment where they can do their best work.

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