Interesting History of National Parks

There are many national parks worldwide.

Despite their popularity, the majority of people aren’t familiar with the record of national parks.

If you’re planning a trip to one of the awesome parks soon, it’s worth knowing their history and how they were created. The history of national parks can teach us a lot about this beautiful world and the people who were smart enough to protect it.

So, let’s take a look.

Origins of National Parks in the United States

The origins of national parks in the United States reach back further than many people may realize. The idea of creating a protected area for recreational purposes was first proposed in the 1860s by railroad tycoon and naturalist Yosemite James Mason Hutchings and eventually made its way to President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872.

Grant proceeded to sign the Act of Dedication, which established the first federally protected area, Yosemite National Park. Subsequently, the establishment of Yellowstone National Park in the following year initiated a movement of conservation and advocacy for public access to America’s wild and unexplored places. Today, the U.S. National Park System contains more than 60 sites, all dedicated to the protection and appreciation of our nation’s natural and historical wonders.

The Impact of National Parks on Conservation

They provide a safe haven for countless species of animals, plants, and other organisms. This also helps preserve key habitats, as well as protect endangered species. The presence also limits access to exploited areas ensuring that wildlife and habitats have time to heal and flourish.

They can also act as outdoor classrooms, teaching visitors of all ages the importance of conservation. Finally, parks can act as a sanctuary for those seeking solace, while providing respite from the hectic tide of everyday life. Thus, parks remain integral to conservation efforts worldwide.

Unexpected Facts About National Parks You Didn’t Know

Did you know that there is a total of 418 National Parks in the United States alone? That is not all! There are 10,000 known species at the Hawaiian Islands National Park, making it the most biodiverse park in the world. In addition, Death Valley National Park holds the record for the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth at 134 degrees Fahrenheit!

Not to mention the mind-blowing fact that Yellowstone is the world’s first National Park ever, established back in 1872! Furthermore, did you know that the largest National Park in the USA is Wrangell-St? Elias, which is larger than the entire nation of Switzerland?

Also, the National Park Service arrowhead logo has an amazing history and it is impressive! Truly, National Parks are full of fascinating and unexpected facts that will amaze and inspire you.

Learn the History of National Parks Today

The interesting history of national parks is truly both compelling and inspiring. National Parks have served not only as a place of recreation and relaxation but have also provided a much-needed breath of fresh air known to inspire creativity in all who visit them. So why not take time out and explore the National Parks of the United States? You won’t be disappointed.

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