How to Smoke CBD Flower: An Informative Guide

There is quite a bit of hype and buzz surrounding CBD.

More importantly, mounting scientific evidence reveals this cannabinoid holds incredible therapeutic potential. People use it to treat a host of psychical and mental health issues. And unlike THC, CBD doesn’t get you high, which means it’s not intoxicating.

If you’re wondering how to smoke CBD you bought, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to explain the benefits and techniques behind this approach to consumption.

The guide is beginner-friendly, but veteran smokers can learn a thing or two as well.

Making a Case for Smoking

CBD is a highly versatile product.

It can be infused into edibles, capsules, vape juice, tinctures, etc. They are all viable alternatives to smoking. So, why do so many people prefer to inhale CBD in its whole-plant form?

Well, first off, it’s a rather cost-effective and convenient method. It feels also more natural than using a vape pen or some other device.  

Moving on, how you consume CBD has an impact on how long it takes for the effects to kick in.

Inhalation is the fast delivery route due to our body’s natural absorption rate. The cannabinoid goes straight to the lungs and quickly enters the bloodstream from there.

It’s likely that smoking also improves the bioavailability of CBD. This property refers to the portion of the drug that ends up in the circulatory system.

And what we know so far suggests there are no intoxicating or adverse side-effects. You can’t really get addicted to CBD like you can on tobacco smoke.

That all said, we do need more research on long-term effects on the lungs. Some people, for instance, assert vaping is slightly less damaging to your respiratory health. However, there’s little in way of credible evidence to support this claim.

The List of Benefits Goes On

On top of what we already mentioned, smoking offers one unique benefit.

Flowers and buds are full-spectrum products. This means they contain a wide array of ingredients other than CBD.

The most important ones are terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, fatty acids, and other cannabinoids.  THC is present as well, but only in trace amounts (less than 0.3% qualifies as legal in all states). Why is this important?

The reason is that the synergic interplay of different elements produces the fabled “entourage effect”.  It modulates how CBD and other compounds affect your body and mind.

You don’t get that when vaping an isolate, for example.

Of course, some users smoke CBD for the same reason they smoke cigarettes. The ritual just feels right and instantly puts the mind at ease. The beauty of it you can avoid all the toxins that reside in tobacco.

Positive effects are many and range from a sense of calm to reducing inflammation symptoms. Note that the FDA has officially approved CBD for treating epilepsy and seizures.  We could see other stamps of approval in years to come.

Setting the Stage for Smoking

This all sounds great but take a deep breath.

There are right and wrong ways to smoke CBD flowers. In the latter case, you waste a lot of medicine and miss out on some of its amazing benefits. So, we implore you to put some thought into it.

If you have a pre-rolled joint or cigarette, you don’t have to bother preparing the mixture. Otherwise, inspect your CBD-rich, dry leaves, and buds. Check out video tutorials explaining in detail how to go about rolling.

There’s a lot of trial and error at the very beginning. Don’t get frustrated in case your fingers refuse to cooperate. Over time, you’ll become craftier and get it down to fine art.

In general, there isn’t any difference between smoking CBD and other types of cannabis material. THC lovers should feel right at home, from a technical standpoint that is.

The Art of Doing It Right

Having cleared that out, let’s offer a few pieces of advice.

Don’t make a rookie mistake and try to hold the smoke as much as you humanly can. This “technique” doesn’t lead to improved effects or absorption rate. It just puts a strain on your lungs and wastes medicinal potential.

Namely, your lungs can’t process all the excess smoke. CBD is absorbed only above the threshold called the first bronchial split. Besides, holding smoke more than necessary could aggregate health risks.

So, the takeaway is to go easy on it. Inhale slowly and deeply, filling your lungs with the optimal amount of smoke. When we say optimal we mean around 2/3 of maximum lung capacity.

Keep in mind the cannabinoid concentration in flowers and don’t go overboard. Less is sometimes more.

Take a few-minute pause in between hits. Start with just a few hits per session, unless you suffer from a severe condition. It helps to inhale some fresh air alongside smoke.

Finding the Ideal Flower

All that is left is purchasing the right CBD flower.

Here, your top concern should be getting a safe and unadulterated product. Therefore, do your research and buy from reputable sellers. They use proper labeling and have third-party testing credentials.

We would also recommend sticking to CBD flowers extracted from organically grown plants. They cost a bit more, but that’s more than fine. Indoor cultivation is associated with some unique benefits too, such as increased potency and more pleasant taste.

The market is booming in recent years and there’s no shortage of great options. If you want to check out what great products look like, view here.

The last consideration is the type of flower you want to go for. The choice boils down to Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. There are no right or wrong answers here.

It’s all a matter of individual preferences and needs.

Now You Know How to Smoke CBD Like a Pro

As a natural, whole-plant remedy, CBD is exploding in popularity.

We’ve shown you how to smoke CBD and why you would want to pick that particular method. Your job is to follow the tips and steps we outlined. This is a way to maximize bioavailability, your experience, and cannabinoids’ benefits.

Just mind the dose and smoke responsibly. You don’t want to consume more than your body is capable of systematically handling. Finally, be vigilant and weigh different options before making your buying decision.

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