How to Reduce PMS Symptoms

Is it that time of the month again that you dread the most? It’s frustrating, it’s uncomfortable, and it can get in the way of your day-to-day life.

It’s tough to know what will help. But there are various ways how to reduce PMS symptoms so that they aren’t something that causes you stress.

Take a look at this guide to learn how to manage your menstrual cycle and help make your monthly discomfort as bearable as possible.

Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly

Eating a balanced diet with foods that are low in fat may help reduce bloating, cramps, and other physical symptoms. Doing regular exercises such as walking or light stretching can also reduce bloating and improve overall mood. Aim to get 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five days a week.

Try to avoid salty and processed foods as these can add to the bloating sensation. Focus on consuming high-fiber foods, fruits, and vegetables as these can help stabilize hormones. It is important to maintain a regular sleep schedule as sleeping less than the recommended hours can heighten hormonal acne

Manage Stress to Alleviate PMS Symptoms

It can be beneficial to create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and self-care. That may include activities like yoga, meditation, reading, listening to music, or taking a warm bath. Exercising regularly can also help reduce stress levels, as can talking to a trusted friend or counselor if needed.

Having a consistent sleep pattern, eating nutritiously, and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes are also other important steps in reducing PMS symptoms. Taking time for yourself for a few days to take a restful break can be invaluable in reducing PMS symptoms.

Hormonal Therapies for Symptoms Relief

Hormonal therapies for symptom relief may include hormone replacement therapy, progestogen-only pill, combined pill, or contraceptive injection. These can help reduce hormone fluctuations.

Fertility medications might be prescribed to manage symptoms. Suppressive therapies can be used to reduce pain and other symptoms caused by PMS. All of these therapies can help reduce symptoms of PMS, each requiring a doctor’s supervision for the best results. 

Alternative Medicine for PMS Relief

Alternative medicine can be a great way to ease PMS symptoms without the added risks of some medications. Consider the use of herbs such as chaste trees and evening primrose. It has been shown to have a direct effect on menstrual cycle symptoms. 

Schedule time for relaxation, as stress can aggravate common PMS symptoms. Practicing yoga, mindfulness exercises, and breathwork can be beneficial to both body and mind. With these simple steps, it is possible to reduce the severity and intensity of PMS symptoms naturally.

Learn How to Reduce PMS Symptoms Today

Remembering how to reduce PMS symptoms starts with addressing key issues such as getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating a balanced and nutritious diet can go a long way in helping to reduce PMS symptoms.

Reach out to your doctor if your symptoms become severe and look around for support systems that can make PMS more manageable. Make sure to take care of yourself during this time.

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