How to Plan a Bachelor Party the Right Way: A Helpful Guide

Did you know that the origin of a bachelor party can get traced back to the ancient Spartans? Don’t skip out on this celebrated tradition.

Are you wondering how to plan a bachelor party? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over a few tips for bachelor party planning.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

Pick a Date

Before you start thinking about what you’ll do for the party, make sure you speak to the groom and choose a date with them.

If you plan on taking the groom away for a weekend, check with their partner beforehand. This way, they don’t book something on the weekend you hope to celebrate.

You could also plan the event on the same weekend that the groom’s partner is having their party.

Choose a Venue or Getaway

Next up, you’ll want to decide on a location. Will you go to the groom’s favorite restaurant, club, or bar? Or would you like to leave town and go on a trip?

Give your guests plenty of notice so they can plan. Check out the best stag destinations in the world.

How Much Will You Spend?

Make sure you decide on a budget beforehand, so you don’t end up overspending. If you’re going out for one night, consider splitting the costs with everyone except the groom.

If you are going on a trip, consider how to divvy up the travel expenses. The hosts can pay for the lodgings, while the guests can pay for the cost of traveling there.

Don’t Have the Party the Evening Before the Wedding

You don’t want the groom to have a hangover on the day of his wedding. Also, you want to try and keep stress as low as possible.

Schedule the event around a month beforehand. This way, people from out of town can organize their schedules so they can attend.

Send out the Invites

Make sure you send an invite or text those invited to the bachelor party. Most of the time, a close group of friends attend along with the groom’s wedding party. Make sure those you ask are also getting an invite to the wedding.

Deciding on the Food Menu

Most of the time, the menu for a bachelor party includes appetizers and alcoholic drinks. If you’re going to a restaurant, make sure you reserve a room that will fit everyone.

If you’re leaving for the weekend, make sure you fill up your fridge with lots of food, drinks, and snack items. When people arrive, you can give them their favorite drink to kick start the night.

What About Decorations?

Your groom might be more interested in entertainment than decorations. Still, you should take the time to pick out a few things.

This will help increase the festive vibe during the party. Decorate the room at the restaurant you’ve rented out.

Hotel and Transportation

If you’re going on a trip to celebrate, make sure you reserve the hotel rooms in advance. This will help you get the best price. Consider chatting with the manager to see if you could negotiate a rate.

Make sure you let the guests know months in advance so they can buy plane tickets. Would you like to drive around in a limo all night? Make sure to book this early as well.

Consider Entertainment

Make a playlist for the evening, so when you’re driving around in the limo, you can play your groom’s favorite songs. Everyone will get in the mood if you’re heading to a club or bar.

If your groom doesn’t love going out, consider heading to a sports game or go paintballing. If he’s into sports, you can all go snowboarding or fishing. Pick something that you know he will enjoy.

Make a Plan

Once you have hotels booked, entertainment sorted, and invites sent, make an itinerary. Talk with the other groomsmen to find out if they have any suggestions.

Have an idea of how you’ll start the day. Will you pick up the groom in a limousine or surprise him with a plane ticket for a weekend away?

Then decide what you’ll do when you arrive at the venue. Plan a few different activities for the afternoon, so your guests and groom don’t get bored.

You could have a few drinks before heading to an outdoor concert or sports game. Afterward, head out for late-night wings or to a club.

Make up a Hashtag

A fun way to personalize a bachelor party is by creating a hashtag all your guests can use. When they upload photos or videos from the weekend, you can find them by clicking the hashtag.

If you’re feeling nostalgic months later, you can pull up the hashtag and go through all the funny photos. This is a unique way to celebrate and document the night.

Party Favors

For fun, order some shirts, hats, or party-buttons for the party. Make sure you have a particular outfit or hat set aside for the groom. You could also order in matching ties for the gang or personalized beard oil.

Now You Know How to Plan a Bachelor Party

We hope you found this guide on bachelor parties helpful. Now that you don’t have to worry about how to plan a bachelor party, have fun! Make sure you rent venues or book hotels right away.

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