How to Organize an Unforgettable Team Building Event

Did you know that team building can lead to stronger company culture? Consider putting together a team building event soon.

Are you wondering how to organize a successful team building activity? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to put together an event.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

Outline the Goal of the Event

Corporate events can be fun, but you want to focus on a goal, so it’s worth the investment. Establish what area you would like to focus on with your employees.

Once you know what you hope to achieve, start thinking about activities.

What Is Your Budget?

Once you have an idea of your goal, think about how much you can afford to spend. Decide on a budget before you pick an event. By choosing a budget, you can keep yourself from overspending.

Who Needs Help?

Team building events are helpful for all employees, but some need more aid than others. Are there workers who need help with conflict resolution? Others might tend to isolate themselves.

You want to try and target individual employees so they can grow during the activity.

Communication is essential for a successful business. Sometimes, co-workers need help with enhancing their communication skills with one another. A perfect way to do this is to invest time in team-building activities. Teams that work remotely benefit from fun events even more because they do not have the opportunity to interact face-to-face, which can make it difficult to create a team-based work environment.

Interactive virtual activities like murder mysteries, office trivia, or escape rooms are exciting options. But you may ask, “What are online escape rooms?” The concept remains the same. Your team races the clock and has to solve clues to escape a locked room. The only difference is that you play on a platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Companies such as Escapely even host the event for you.

When Is the Event?

Some employees won’t be happy if a team-building activity that crosses into their free time. Make sure everyone is available for the event if you plan it during an evening.

Are some of your workers undertaking a massive project with a close deadline? Let them finish the project first before you host the event. You don’t want your employees to be worrying about a project they need to complete.

Enjoy the Outdoors

People spend a ton of time inside an office, so consider organizing your event outside. Everyone will get excited by the idea of having time away from work.

This activity will be weather dependent. You could host a barbecue at the beach or go on a hike with your team. Consider asking for input from your employees.

What About an Indoor Venue?

If you can’t host an event outdoors, consider choosing a unique indoor venue. You could go to an escape room with your employees.

Host a cook-off with your team, where everyone has to work in pairs and compete. If your group likes board games, host a tournament at a pub or restaurant.

If you’re in New Zealand, check out for some unique venue options.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

At first, team building events can feel a little awkward. Some people are a bit shy at first. It’s essential to try and get everyone out of their bubble.

Work hard to maintain a comfortable and positive atmosphere during the event. This will help set people at ease.

Now You Know How to Organize a Team Building Event

We hope you found this guide on team building helpful. Start planning a unique team building event with a few other employees today.

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