How to List Art on an NFT Marketplace

According to studies, NFT sales have skyrocketed from $40.96 million to $338.04 million during 2020. Listing art on an NFT marketplace is one of the best ways to earn money from your digital art.

But it can be hard to figure out how and where to list your work. There are a bunch of different NFT marketplaces, each with its quirks and processes for listing items for sale.

But don’t worry. Keep reading for our complete guide on how to list your NFT art on an NFT platform.

Figure Out What Platform Is Best for Your Creation

There are currently hundreds of decentralized apps (known as “dApps”). These apps are available for players to collect digital assets like CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained cards, or Decentraland plots.

For some dApps (like Etheremon ), they only support certain types of items; others (like Gods Unchained ) support all types or even other games’ cards with built-in crossplay functionality.

Check the game’s respective subreddit to find out if they support any NFTs.

Figure Out If You Want to Use the Game’s Asset ID or Your ID

Some games provide a built-in asset creation tool (like CryptoKitties ‘ “new sprite” function) and assign an asset to your creation. If you want to use this kind of system, make sure to note down the assetID.

Other games don’t offer any kind of creation tools.

In that case, you can use an external service like Everdragons, which allows users to upload their card images and receive a unique ID in return (please read this article for more info).

Players who purchase these assets will still need that external site to view/access them.

Figure Out How Much You Want to Sell Your Item For

A good rule of thumb is to start with a relatively high price, then lower it until you get 4-5 sales in 2 days. This will ensure that your item is getting traffic, while also making sure you’re not underselling yourself. 

If you don’t have any sales after the first week, consider lowering your prices even more or relisting.  

Unless you are willing to drop your prices significantly over time with no results, do not consider relisting as an option!

Some items may sell out instantly, but others take months – if at all. I can’t stress enough how important patience is when it comes to selling on OpenSea.

Get a Cryptokitty or EtherTulips Logo For Your Listing Page

Take an image of your item and upload it to the “logo creator” tool on the sites below:

Then, add this image to your webpage’s <img> tag in HTML . Make sure to use a high-resolution image (no smaller than 400px width).

List Your Item!

Create an account on Market if you haven’t already done so, then create a listing. You will need to enter your item’s details and include appropriate categories.

Then, choose a price and set an expiration date. You may also want to add the logos you made in step 4 to your listing page’s HTML.

Add some nice screenshots too! And finally, upload a high-resolution image of your item (if you haven’t already done so) and complete the process by clicking “Publish”.

Congratulations! You have now successfully listed art on an NFT marketplace!

Find the Best NFT Marketplace

The art world is a tough place to get into. Even if you have talent, it can be difficult to break out on yourself and find success in this competitive industry without a good NFT marketplace.

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