Heart, Oval, Round? How to Choose Reading Glasses For Your Face Shape

Are you having trouble finding the best glasses for your face shape? You’re not alone. At least 40% of the population in the country needs glasses!

Don’t worry, choosing the right shape for your glasses largely depends on the shape of your face. Luckily, we’ve compiled the best types of glasses frames for heart, oval, and round faces to help find the perfect frame for you.

Read our guide right here to find out how:

Heart Face Shape

You have a heart-shaped face if your face is widest at the forehead and narrows down at the chin. You’ll most likely have higher cheekbones with soft features. This means that you’ll want to opt for glasses that have a wider frame than your forehead.

This balances the natural wideness of the top half of your face. You could also look for frames that have a more defined brow line. Try to avoid frames that are bottom-heavy or over-sized.

Try out Clubmaster styled frames or cat-eyed frames. Something round or oval-shaped is also a good option. The main standard is getting something slightly wider than the top of your face to even out your appearance.

Oval Face Shape

Luckily for pocket readers with oval face shapes, almost every frame out there will suit you. Oval face shapes have wider cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin. Feel free to have fun with the frames that you pick.

We recommend that you try out frames that aren’t too narrow to avoid making your face look longer. Use frames that have a bolder shape and are as wide as the widest area of your face. Frames that have square, rectangle, or other geometric shapes are all good bets.

We also recommend that you steer clear from frames with a lot of heavy design elements. You’re looking for frames that emphasize the strong points of your face. Anything too gaudy or heavy takes away from your features. 

Round Face Shape

Round face shapes are full of soft curves and are roughly the same width from the forehead to the chin. People with round faces have fuller cheeks and balanced proportions throughout the face. To balance this out, you’ll want frames that have sharper angles that help add definition and depth. 

Bold frames with clear lines and rectangular, angular, and upswept styles are the way to go. These frame types will help make your face look longer and thinner. They also define your facial lines and draw more attention to your eyes. 

You’ll want to avoid small and round frames. This is so that your features don’t blend in and get lost. You want the frames to add different angles to your face.

Choosing Glasses for Your Face Shape

When you’re choosing the best glasses for your face shape, the most important thing to remember is balance. You want the frames to balance out the features of your face. As well as give some contrast to bring out the best parts of it.

We hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of how to choose the best glasses for your face. But why stop here though? Don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our site for more tips for better health and fitness!

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