Guide to Bollywood Fashion: Tradition and Glam Meet

Bollywood fashion’s proof that reality and fantasy divide by a fine line. Since the birth of Bollywood films in the early 20th century, fashion’s changed for the better. Elements of Indian culture, art, realism, and theatre are honored through one’s clothing.

Fashion’s ever-changing no matter its origin, but Bollywood’s a forever favorite. India’s $3.7 billion film industry coupled with its near $223 billion textile market makes Bollywood fashion a brilliant blend of them both. 

Though all fashion’s a means of self-expression, Bollywood fashion brings tradition into trends. Here’s what to know about the latest Bollywood styles.

Bollywood Fashion

Bollywood came from the hot spot for Indian films, Bombay, now known as Mumbai. The birth of Bollywood had such an impact that other places have conjured similar names since, like Lollywood and Dollywood.

Like all clothing, trends change with the decades. The latest Bollywood styles represent the evolution of fashion coupled with its signature look. 

To appreciate how far Bollywood fashion’s come, let’s look at where it started.

Bollywood Fashion Staples

When you read about the latest Bollywood fashion news, you may see names like Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor, and Ranbir Kapoor. When it comes to fashion, you can expect to see these things:

Bollywood Fashion For Women

  • Saris or heirloom dresses
  • Draped blouses
  • Handlooms
  • Lehengas, or ankle skirts
  • Cropped shirts
  • Parachute pants or trousers
  • Wide sleeves
  • Vibrant colors 
  • Big, shiny jewelry

Bollywood Fashion for Men

Knowing the signature Bollywood styles is what brings tradition into fashion. Now we can identify how it’s evolved.

Latest Bollywood Fashion

Since Bollywood fashion preserves Indian culture, its evolution rests in subtle changes. Bollywood fashion need not bend to fit society—it’s majesty’s unmatched.

Instead of letting eras define fashion, Bollywood styles stayed true with slight nods to the era. For example, platform heels came in the 70s and eclectic tops in the 80s. They complemented the signature Bollywood style, not the other way around.

In the same way, today, Bollywood fashion’s a dynamic hybrid of modern and traditional elements. Current headdresses, scarves, jewelry, and glam styles emanate all that is Bollywood.

Bollywood fashion trends make it so you can dress up or dress down. Instead of a full ensemble, maybe you’ll see Bollywood jewelry as someone’s statement piece. For formal nights out, why not an elegant, traditional Bollywood dress?

Bollywood Beauty

Bollywood inspires fashion worldwide and in diverse ways. It’s more than a desirable trend, but a way to honor historic traditions. 

Elegant, modern, traditional, fun, bright, bold: Bollywood. Next time you’re ready to dress, consider how Bollywood might inform your outfit. It’s alive in casual wear, formal wear, evening wear, and everywhere between. 

When it comes to making your fashion dreams a reality, think Bollywood fashion. Once you do, you’ll find yourself thinking, it’s like in the movies, because it will be. 

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