Finding Nemo’s Name: Top 5 Most Popular Pet Fish Names

If you’re thinking of starting a fish tank, you’ve got lots to look forward to! Fish are beautiful, low-maintenance pets, plus they are fun to feed and watch.

Once you bring your new pet home, you’ll need to think about pet fish names. Which name is best for your new pet? It can be hard to decide, with so many awesome pet names out there.

To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best. Keep reading to find five of the most popular pet fish names as inspiration.

1. Magikarp—One of the Top Pet Fish Names

If you’re a Pokemon fan and wondering what to name your pet fish, why not Magikarp? Magikarp is a Fish Pokemon who happens to resemble a goldfish, with yellow and orange coloring.

Although Magikarp may start small, he later evolves into something fierce—Gyarados, a water dragon. This is just like your fish, who will grow into something bigger over time!

Consider Magikarp if you like fun and original fish names, with a great story behind it.

2. Sushi

It may be a bit edgy, but many people find Sushi a cute name for their pet fish! While it’s a popular type of Japanese food, it’s also a catchy and easy-to-remember name.

In addition to thinking about fish names, you also need to make sure you purchase the right sized tank or aquarium for your new pet. To make sure your fish has enough space, check out this e-book.

3. Dory

Dory was Nemo’s best pal in ‘Finding Nemo’, making it one of the most popular fish names, especially for kids. She was so popular that she actually had her own spin-off movie!

Dory is a type of fish known as a royal blue tang, but you use the name Dory for any type of fish.

Dory may have memory loss in the movie, but if there’s one thing fish never forget, it’s food! Most fish only need feeding once or twice per day, in small amounts.

4. Goldie

Goldfish are one of the most popular fish species in the world, so it makes sense that Goldie would be a good name!

Short for goldfish, Goldie is a beautiful name that any fish would be proud to have as their own.

5. Neptune

If you’re into ancient mythology, why not name your fish Neptune? Neptune is the Roman god of the sea—a ruler of his domain, just like your own little fish.

Or, the Greek equivalent is Poseiden, which could also make a cool fish name.

Create the Perfect Name for Your New Pet

Now that you’ve got a new fish, you have plenty to look forward to! Fish can be lots of fun to watch and their bright, vibrant colors are a beautiful addition to any home or office.

First, work out which pet fish names are best for your new arrivals. You can use the name above as inspiration, or come up with something totally new! Whatever you select, it’s sure to be a great name for your beloved new pet.

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