Drums Made Simple: Top 3 Tips for Learning the Drums

Are you wanting to learn to play the drums?

Learning an instrument can be a fun new hobby, or it can set you up for a professional music career. The drums are one of the most fun instruments to learn and you may have bands queuing up for your services.

Whilst it may look like drummers bash a few sticks and play the one beat, the drums are actually rather complex. You need natural rhythm and great timing.

In this article, we’re going to share a few tips on learning the drums for beginners. These simple tips will help you when you’re first starting off on your music adventure.

Read on for more information.

1. Find Your Grip

If you’ve never seen drummers up close then you may not be aware that there are many ways of holding the sticks. But first, it’s important to find your grip and there’s a simple exercise to help you achieve this.

Stand with your hands by your side and a stick in your left hand. Next, you need to place the stick into your right hand. The flat part of your thumb should make contact with the stick and then your fingers will wrap around it. Continue this several times between both hands.

Remember that you need to hold the sticks below the middle and only grip tight enough that they don’t fly out of your hands.

2. Practice Playing From The Wrists

Being able to play from the wrists is very important for drummers. It allows you to stay relaxed and conserves energy. The latter is very helpful for those days when you’re playing for hours and don’t want to burn out.

To get used to playing with your wrists and not from your shoulders, there’s a very useful exercise you can practice.

First, you need to hold the stick in your right hand, and with your left hand, hold your right forearm. This allows limited movement of the arm but doesn’t affect the wrist.

You can then practice a beat but you’ll be forced to only use your wrists. Repeat this with both hands.

3. Slow Down and Take Your Time

It’s easy to get carried away and want to play at a fast pace but it won’t help you improve.

Like anything new, it’s best to start off slow and focus on your technique. When you start learning to drive, you were likely moving at a snail’s pace whilst you learned the controls. Well, drumming is exactly the same.

Take your time and start off learning simple beats. Once you’ve mastered them and become more confident, you’ll naturally get quicker.

To help you learn you could also record your sessions with a drum mic kit. This pyle pro pdkm7 review is great for explaining all the benefits of a drum mic kit and why you should consider it.

Beginners Tips For Learning The Drums

We hope you have enjoyed our article and have picked up a few tips for learning the drums.

As you can see, there are many techniques you can use which will help you whilst starting off. They should speed up your learning and hopefully help you improve quickly.

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