Do You Need Help? 3 Tips for Whether or Not You Need Rehab

More than 19 million Americans struggle with an addiction to alcohol or illicit drugs within any given year. 

If you’re struggling with a substance abuse disorder, it might feel like you’re in this battle along — but you’re not. There are many resources out there to help you overcome your addiction, it’s all about finding the right one for you. 

Do you need help and find yourself wondering if should go to rehab? If so, keep reading to learn more about whether or not you need rehab.

1. Do You Have A Desire To Quit?

Wondering how to know if you need help with addiction? First, you need to evaluate if you have a desire to quit. 

Start by writing down a list of all the reasons you are considering quitting. 

Maybe you are worried about the effects on your health or even overdosing. Maybe you want to rebuild your relationship with family members. Or, you could just want to learn how to be happy without drugs or alcohol. 

Whatever your main reason for quitting is, hold onto this — tightly. Remind yourself of this reason as you reach out for help. Even though the recovery process isn’t easy, it’s worth it when you keep your reason for becoming sober in mind. 

2. Are You Looking For A Healthy Support System?

Many times, addiction is intensified by the environment we surround ourselves with. If you’re hanging out with fellow addicts, it can seem impossible to become sober. If you find yourself yearning for a healthy support system, rehab is your best option. 

With a drug or alcohol rehab center, you’ll have a staff full of helpful addiction experts. They know exactly what you’re going through and will help you navigate this difficult journey.

In addition, you’ll be surrounded by fellow addicts facing the same struggles as yourself. You can experience the detox and withdraw symptoms together, making the whole process less lonely. 

3. Is Life Spiraling Out Of Control?

The last thing to look for is addiction causing you problems outside your drug or alcohol use. 

For example, maybe addiction prevented you from showing up to work on time and you lost your job. Or, you spent all your money to feed your addiction and now you don’t have enough left to pay your monthly bills. Worse yet, maybe addiction came between you and your loved ones and you’ve hurt a few relationships. 

The moment that addiction starts affecting other aspects of your life is the moment you should start looking for help. 

Do You Need Help? Don’t Feel Ashamed 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the answer to “do you need help?”, is also the same. 

Needing help is okay and you shouldn’t be ashamed of this. Instead, be proud of yourself for admitting that you have an addiction problem and wanting to correct it. The first step to conquering your problems is admitting that they exist. 

Visit the Health section of this site for more helpful advice. Do your research to discover what the process of rehab looks like and how to find the best program for you. 

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