Danger of Buying Instagram Accounts

In a world where social media shapes our personas, preferences, and status, it is easy to understand why so many want a lot of followers on their platforms. Having a lot of followers shows others that they are desirable, popular, and important in the realm of social media. 

Ever since Instagram was created, users have become obsessed with becoming influencers and getting hundreds and thousands of likes and comments on their posts. The obsession has become so dire that many users have resorted to purchasing their followers or accounts with many followers. 

When you buy Instagram accounts, there are dangers associated with it, and here are a few to reconsider your decision! 

Dangers to Consider Before You Buy Instagram Accounts 

Getting a ton of likes on Instagram is addicting and exciting. Giving in to the addiction and buying Instagram accounts, however, is a risky idea, and here are some reasons why! 

Low Engagement

Buying Instagram accounts gives you the opposite of the desired effect. Fake followers will lower your engagement levels so if you have a total of 10000 followers, you may only get about 300 likes. Your followers that are real may eventually catch on that none of your followers are organic.

A lot of times when you buy Instagram accounts, they are just bots. Bots do engage but leave comments that do not make sense. 

Ruin Credibility

Having fake followers ruin credibility amongst those you are trying to influence. Users will realize that none of your followers or support is real and will begin to question if they should even follow you. 

Credibility is very important if you are selling products or trying to gain support behind a cause which is why buying Instagram accounts should be thought twice about. 

Spam Filled Feed

Buying Instagram accounts messes up your feed and ruins your engagement with others. Once you gain those followers and follow them back, your feed will have a lot of posts that only talk about gaining followers, nothing will real substance. 

Some of these spam accounts may even begin to follow your other followers, leading them to unfollow you once they realize that that’s where most of the spam is coming from. 

Buying Fake Followers Breaks the Rules

Buying Instagram followers goes against the terms of service of Instagram. In engaging in the act of buying followers, Instagram has the right to shadowban your account which means only your follower will be able to see your post, or they can remove your account entirely, making you create a new one. 

Instagram also removes followers that they notice are bots or fakes so it would be a waste of money if your followers were removed after buying them. 

Think Before Your Buy Instagram Accounts

Now that you are aware of some of the dangers of buying Instagram accounts, it’s best to tread slowly on the matter. There are many other ways to engage followers in an organic way that will bring on more promising results. 

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