Because I Got High: What Does Being High Feel Like?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be high? Who hasn’t?

Movies depicting psychedelic swirls and neon-colored hallucinations don’t quite hit the nail on the head. Even music falls short of describing the strange combination of emotions. 

To fully understand how it feels to be high, you have to get high. But educating yourself on the possible effects is necessary to determine if getting high is right for you. 

So if you’re trying to get the answer to, “What does being high feel like,” read on.

The Different Effects of Getting High 

Marijuana affects no two people in the same way. Some people can be susceptible to the effects of cannabis, while other people are tolerant.

That said, marijuana highs depend on many factors, including the dosage, strain, and potency. You may get a different high depending on whether you smoke, vape, or ingest marijuana. 

If you’re a frequent marijuana user, you’ll most likely have a different high than someone who’s first starting to use marijuana. 


Simply put, marijuana can feel great. It can induce a sense of calm, make you feel like you want to laugh at everything, or put you in a creative space you can’t usually reach.

Everything can become interesting while you’re high, and you might notice things you don’t when you’re sober. It can also heighten your senses, causing you to examine sights, sounds, and the feelings of things you touch more closely. 


You can’t understand how it feels to be high without knowing the potential adverse side effects. Since marijuana affects your brain chemistry, you can become confused, nauseous, or experience a sense of panic.

These examples are signs that you’ve ingested too much marijuana. For example, taking one puff off a joint isn’t going to cause hallucinations. Taking a 300 mg edible, on the other hand, might.  

Experiencing adverse side effects can also be a function of the type of marijuana you ingest. For example, sativas are supposed to be more active, psychological strains. Compared to indices, which are supposed to produce more of a body high. 

Smoking a strong Sativa is more likely to produce confusion because it affects your mind more than your body. 

High Stages 

The feeling of euphoria associated with being high depends on when your bloodstream has the most THC.

Smoking marijuana, for example, produces a quicker reaction than eating weed because your blood absorbs it faster. However, your body takes longer to break down the THC if you eat it as opposed to smoking it. 

Different Strains 

As mentioned earlier, different strains can produce different highs. The three main strands are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. 

Sativas are supposed to produce more of a psychological high while indices are supposed to create more of a body high. Hybrids are supposed to provide a combination of both. 

However, there is limited scientific evidence that suggests any of this is true. Stoners love to go back and forth about the effects of different strains.

Will I Get the Munchies?

On the other hand, the munchies are real, and boy, watch out for them. The munchies are simultaneously the best and worst aspect of the marijuana high.

The munchies are the best because marijuana makes food taste divine. But the munchies are the worst because your tummy and beltline aren’t experiencing the same joy your brain experiences. 

THC enhances your smell and test while increasing ghrelin, a hormone that causes the sensation of hunger. Getting high is the perfect storm to say goodbye to all those gains you made in the gym. 

What Does Being High Feel Like? 

No matter what resource you turn to, you’ll never be able to answer the question, “what does being high feel like,” until you get high.

That, by no means, is not an invocation that anyone should go out and get high. But getting high is a personal experience, not a unified experience.

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